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Required Assignment

Every psychology intern will complete a notebook with the following sections:

Log and Journal

In this section you will log your daily work activities and introspect on your experience. Note the date and time clearly for each entry and please use a new page for each new entry. You will have at least one entry for every day on-site. Failure to make systematic and introspective entries into this journal will result in a grade reduction.

Think of this section as a personal record of your intern experience. Record personal reactions, interactions with supervisors and patients/clients, notes, ideas, theories, conflicts, values, changes, challenges, attitudes, problems, thoughts, feelings, questions, and so on. This is an exercise in thinking on paper (without worrying about the mechanics of your writing). Unlike other assignments, the quantity here is as important as the quality. At the conclusion of your journal write a final entry in which you evaluate the experience of keeping a journal. In your table of contents note any entries you feel are especially significant.

Article summaries

As part of the internship, you will be required to find and read at least 10 articles (hard copy and/or online), book chapters, or attend presentations that pertain to your internship. Articles can be empirical research articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, but at least three should be research articles found on the PsychInfo database. You will include in the journal a one to two page summary of all readings, integrating your understanding of their contents with your experiences as an intern. For example, in your write-up, you should consider the following questions: Did the reading provide any insights into your personal experience or growth as an intern? Did it assist your understanding of human need in the community around you? What specific skills do you think were enhanced?

Students who are completing research internships or who are completing a second applied psychology internship are not required to read the book assigned for the group or to do the book analysis. Instead, for each credit earned toward the internship, these students will read a research article and write a two page summary and analysis. Articles will be selected by the interns on the basis of their relevance to the internship site. For example, students who do a second applied internship at a domestic violence shelter may choose to read review articles concerning the impact of domestic violence on child development or factors which contribute to the likelihood of violence in the home. As well, students who complete research internships in educational environments for learning disabled children may choose to read articles on the etiology of reading disorders or the efficacy of various educational strategies. Each two page summary for articles selected must be included in the final notebook attached to a copy of the article itself.

Personal Review and Evaluation

In this section you will provide a brief review and evaluation of your internship experience. Did you meet your learning objectives? Did you learn anything unexpected? Did the intern experience give you direction for your future career? Are you glad you did this internship? To what kinds of student would you recommend this site (if any) and why? And so on. This review and evaluation should be typed, single spaced, and about a page in length.

IMPORTANT: Please computer print or type every entry in each section. Please use dividers with tabs to mark clearly these different sections. In addition, your first page of the notebook should be a typed “Table of Contents” indicating (a) all journal entries (highlighting significant journal entries), (b) the book analysis, (c) the research article review(s), and (d) your personal review.