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Student Feedback

My internship reinforced my career choice to be a counselor. I worked on the crisis line and directly with abused children. I learned a great deal by observing my supervisor and seeing abusers and the abused actually change. This internship will allow me to speak with “the voice of experience” I need to enter the field.

-Laurie Sayler, Family Help Line


My internship was an excellent testing ground to see what I want in a career. It provided me with the skills and knowledge I will need in the future. It also gave me more of an incentive to go on to graduate school. I highly recommend internships to anyone studying psychology.

-Rachel Zachariah, Eastside Mental Health


My internship has helped me decide which graduate school program to apply to. Also, my internship is likely to be one of the key reasons I get into graduate school.

-Rebecca Keller, Salvation Army Catherine Booth House


My intern site was better than I could have imagined. My supervisor modeled counseling skills and I learned a lot about myself and what I want from a career. I always thought I would be an individual counselor. My internship changed my whole orientation of how I wanted to help people.

-Virginia Washburn, King County Department of Youth Services


I confirmed my plans in the education field and allowed myself room to expand (skills/experience). It was a wonderful opportunity for a great learning experience.

-Anecia Eoff, Experimental Education Unit, University of Washington


This internship is a great opportunity to help real people with real problems directly and to increase counseling skills and knowledge of community resources.

-Christy Wirth, Parent Trust for WA Children


I feel much stronger about going into teaching as a result of working with the sixth grade students. It is a challenging age, but they need strong role models at this age. It’s a great experience for those thinking about the teaching profession; the interaction with the students was great!

-Kimberly Brontsema, McClure Middle School