NOTE: Posters will be available in OMH the day of the conference, see Laurie Mendes after 2pm to setup your poster.


Instructions for preparing your poster

Format: Powerpoint. Be sure to select a font size that is appropriate for reading at arms distance (14-18).

Size: 36"W x 36"H maximum. Select Page Setup from the powerpoint menu and choose 'custom', enter selected size. Somewhat smaller sizes are OK but be sure that everything is visible from about 4 feet back.

Printing: Posters will be printed by A&A printing in Queen Anne. Please follow the instructions below to have your poster printed. Once printed, all posters will be delivered to Laurie Mendes in OMH for pickup.

NOTE: If you submit your poster by Wednesday, 1 May all printing costs will be covered by the conference.


How to submit your poster for printing:

  1. Prepare your poster in PowerPoint format. Be sure to use the sizing restrictions and instructions shown above. Smaller posters are fine, but those larger than 36" x 36" are the financial responsibility of the authors.
  2. Convert your file to PDF and ensure that all images and fonts look appropriate. (if the option is available: select ' include bleed' or PDF with crops - high resolution)
  3. Title your poster file SPU_Erickson_(your last name)
  4. FTP upload your poster to the following address:
    1. Use your browser to visit:
    2. Select 'Upload files'
    3. Create a new account using your SPU email address
    4. Click on 'add file' and browse to locate the file on your computer.
    5. Click the 'add comment' button. Place SPU Erickson Conference in the comment box
    6. Click the 'start upload' button to complete.
    7. Once complete, please email and to let them know that you have submitted a file for the Erickson conference.


Instructions for speakers

Talks will be 12 min with 3 minutes allowed for questions. Presentations should be prepared as PowerPoint slides and brought to the conference site on a CD or USB drive.