Graduate Offerings

There are two options to choose from in the MA-TESOL program at Seattle Pacific University — the standard MA-TESOL degree and the MA-TESOL K-12 degree. Both focus on developing competence, character, and leadership in educators.

MA-TESOL Course Outline

The MA-TESOL program is rooted in a four-strand approach: academic preparation, pedagogy, practica and electives. The 3-credit courses generally meet once a week for three hours, Monday through Thursday. The complete program is 54 credits and must be completed within six years.

Most MA-TESOL courses are offered evenings, 4:30–7:05 p.m. Students may attend full- or part-time, enabling them to maintain employment and deal with other obligations.

As always with courses, please consult the current graduate catalog for up-to-date information.

Suggested Curriculum Paradigms:  7 Quarter   10 Quarter


Academic Preparation (18 credits)
LIN 6145 Phonology 3
LIN 6150 Morphology 3
LIN 6410 Syntax 3
LIN 6200 Second Language Acquisition 3
TESL 6650 Professional Issues and Ethics* 3
TESL 6070 Comparative Religion 3

Pedagogy Courses (18 credits)

TESL 6250 Testing and Curriculum Development 3
TESL 6300 Technology in Language Teaching 3
TESL 6400 Teaching ESL Grammar 3
TESL 6480 Teaching ESL Reading 3
TESL 6500 Teaching Listening and Speaking 3
TESL 6581 Teaching ESL Writing 3
Electives (9 credits from the following courses or approved alternates)
COM 6180 Cultural Communication 3
LIN 6601 History of the English Language 3
LIN 6430 Sociolinguistics 3
LIN 6370 Intensive Grammar 3

LIN 6365

Methods of Foreign Language Teaching 3
LIN 6250
Research Methods 3
Practicum Courses (9 credits)
TESL 6930 Language Learning Practicum**
TESL 6931 Cultural Practicum**
TESL 6940 Teaching Practicum Phase I* 3
TESL 6941 Teaching Practicum Phase II* 3
Thesis Option
EDU 6975 Interpreting & Applying Educational Research I 3
EDU 6976 Interpreting & Applying Educational Research II 3
TESL 6995 Master's Thesis 3,6
Foreign Language (1 year/college level)
Linguistic Theory (i.e. LIN 2100)

The MA-TESOL program does not allow required courses to be challenged.

* Please note: TESL 6650 should be taken in the second year and TESL 6940/6941 should be taken in the last two quarters of your academic program.

** MA-TESOL students whose first language is English are required to take TESL 6930 (Language Learning Practicum). TESL 6931 (Cultural Practicum) is required for international students. Students may take both practica if they choose, with the second counting as an elective.

MA-TESOL K-12 Course Outline

MA-TESOL students who also seek K-12 teacher certification will take courses (27 credits) drawn from SPU's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) curriculum instead of the electives/practicum in the regular MA-TESOL program. Required courses from the MAT program include:

  • EDU 6120 American Education: Past and Present (3 credits)
  • EDU 6132 Learners in Context (3 credits)
  • EDU 6139 Internship Seminar (2 credits)
  • EDU 6918 Introduction to Teaching (2 credits)

The two-quarter TESOL Teaching Practicum will be replaced by the MAT Field Experience Element which includes:

  • EDU 6942 September Experience (2 credits)
  • EDU 6949 TESOL Internship (12 credits)
  • EDU 6989 Field Experience/Issues (3 credits)

Students in the MAT certification track may also substitute EDU 6085 (Moral Issues in Education) for TESL 6070 (Comparative Religion) if they choose. All other MA-TESOL requirements (42 credits) remain the same.

Finally, students selecting the MAT track must meet the School of Education's admission requirements for the program, including successful results on the WEST-B and WEST-E skills measurement tests and a personal interview with the MAT faculty. Applications for the MA-TESOL + K-12 Certification program are only accepted for Autumn Quarter, with an application deadline of March 15.