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Institutional Logos

Torch Logo

The SPU "torch logo", as it has come to be called, is a graphic interpretation of Seattle Pacific University. Its strength lies in its bold appearance, simplicity of design and wide range of graphic applications. The logo can be enlarged and reduced without losing visual quality.

Symbolically, the logo unites the academic identity of Seattle Pacific with its mission as a Christian institution. This is carried out through the logo's elements of the following:

TORCH: The torch has long been a symbol of learning. It reminds us that education is a process of enlightening the mind.

FLAME: A design that has multiple interpretations adds interest. Hence, the flame can also be seen as a descending dove, indicating the power and inner illumination personified by the Holy Spirit.

CROSS: Jesus Christ is central to the University's vision. Therefore, the cross, symbolizing Christ's ultimate sacrifice to redeem a lost world, is placed at the center of the torch handle.

Word Identity
The words "Seattle Pacific University" come together as a unique institutional "word symbol." Set in the "old style" typeface of Berkely, and the contemporary typeface of Univers, the lettering combines with the logo to create a strong graphic statement. The words "Seattle Pacific" are prominent, emphasizing the key words of our institutional identity. In addition, the vision "Engaging the culture, changing the world" has been integrated with the design to proclaim our commitment to make a difference in the world through the lives of our graduates, the scholarship of our faculty, and our commitment to community.

Recognizing that space requirements vary, three standard configurations of the logo/lettering have been developed. In certain applications, the torch may be used alone. However, care should be taken not to lose the identification value of the combined elements.

For print use, download TIFF files for black and white or one-color projects, and EPS files for projects using black plus additional colors. For Web or other electronic projects, download GIF files.

Note: Although these configurations are supplied here for on-campus use, institutional policy requires publications intended for distribution off campus be coordinated through the Office of University Communications. If you plan to print a brochure or other piece intended for an off-campus audience, please contact University Communications by calling 206-281-2051.


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