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The Real Transformers

The Real Transformers
Spring 2010 | Volume 33, Number 1 | Footnotes


To HEATHER LAMAS MAYER ’95 and Jason Mayer, a daughter, Amelia Grace, born January 12, 2008.

To MELANIE SELFRIDGE MARTIN ’97 and JASON MARTIN ’97, a son, Quinn Alexander, born January 23, 2008.

To Kara Mitchell and STEVE MITCHELL ’87, a boy, James Zachariah, born July 14, 2008. He joins brother Andrew.

To GRACE BAZZI PARSON ’04 and Nathanael Parson, a son, Solomon Teo, born August 2, 2008.

To LEAH HUNTER KINARD ’99 and MIKE KINARD ’98, a daughter, Libby Joy, born August 27, 2008. She joins brother Hunter.

To CINDY MORSE LITTLE ’94 and ERIK LITTLE ’92, a son, Michael Erik, born October 23, 2008. He joins brother Spencer and sister Maely.

To KRISTI LEKSEN GALVIN ’98 and Brad Galvin, a son, Kaelen Bradley, born October 25, 2008.

To SARAH BARTSCH DOBELSTEIN ’05 and KRISTOFER DOBELSTEIN ’04, a son, Aaden Kristofer, born October 29, 2008.

To JULIE KOSKELA BAKER ’96 and Paul Baker, a son, Jensen Lee, born November 23, 2008.

To ASIA RAU VINTON ’97 and Zack Vinton, a son, Samuel Douglas, born November 29, 2008.

To KATY JO FOX VASBINDER ’99 and Eric Vasbinder, a son, Jacob Wesley, born January 1, 2009.

To KRISTI RUSSELL MOUTTET ’95 and Nate Mouttet, a son, Samuel Nathan, born February 5, 2009.

To STEPHANIE KELLY HJORTEN ’95 and Erik Hjorten, a daughter, Else Erin, born February 17, 2009. She joins brother Lars.

To JENNIFER VANDER MEER NORTH ’99 and Samuel North, a son, Zachary Jacob, born February 19, 2009.

To LAURA BRADFORD KIRCH ’04 and Chris Kirch, twin daughters, Marin Brooke and Sarah Joann, born February 28, 2009. They join brother Samuel.

To MARTA MARCHANT VOLZ ’03 and JONATHAN VOLZ ’91, a daughter, Madeline Kay, born March 7, 2009.

To REBECCA “BECCY” GORDON SCHEUFFELE ’05 and TIM SCHEUFFELE ’04, a daughter, Addison Marie, born March 9, 2009.

To KRISTI WOOLUM NELSON ’02, M.B.A. ’08, and JESSE NELSON ’02, a son, Jeffrey Woolum, born March 19, 2009.

To KIM WHITTAKER SHIRE ’95 and Andrew Shire, a daughter, Everlyn Holly Rose, born April 1, 2009. She joins brother Donny.

To KARI STIRMAN WARREN ’05 and Will Warren, a daughter, Chloe Adelaide, born April 7, 2009.

To JANELLE BETTIS WISE ’00 and Tyson Wise, a son, Harrison Tryg, born April 12, 2009.

To Michele Habecker and DAVID HABECKER ’93, a daughter, Lucy Claire, born April 27, 2009.

To Gretchen Johnson and KAALAN JOHNSON ’00, a son, Zaden Anders, born May 26, 2009. He joins brother Ashton.

To Hewan Gebremichael and YADESA “YADDI” BOJIA ’05, a son, Isaiah Yadesa, born June 18, 2009. He joins sister Becca.

To Kimberly Schlemeier and MICHAEL SCHLEMEIER ’86, a son, Tristan Michael, born July 5, 2009.

To Kelly Venable and PETER VENABLE ’97, a son, Caleb Andrew, born July 19, 2009. He joins sister Hannah and brother Daniel.

To HANNAH KUHNAU BLOMBERG ’04 and PHILIP BLOMBERG ’05, a son, Liam Paul, born August 21, 2009.

To KATIE DONAHUE JENKS ’04 and Abram Jenks, a daughter, Naomi Kate, born September 8, 2009.

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