Caleb Christian Hill


The White Familyl

To JAN BOLTON WILLIAMS '92 and CHRIS WILLIAMS '92, a son, Tyler Christopher, born September 22, 1998. He joins sister Rachel.

To LYNN WAGONER CHRISTENSEN '85 and MARK CHRISTENSEN '85, a daughter, Marisa Joy, born November 25, 1998. She joins sister Kira.

To GINNY RAE HUGHES JOY '93 and RYAN JOY '94, a daughter, Kennedy Rae, born February 6, 1999.

To MARISA MARTIN HALE '89 and JOHN HALE '85, a daughter, Greta Lynn, born February 11, 1999.

ToVALERIE ZECCHINO MURPHY '91 and COREY MURPHY '90, a son, Bryce O'Donald, born February 12, 1999. He joins brother Christian.

To JENNIFER STROM WOOLLEY '91 and KEVIN WOOLLEY '91, a son, Chandler Austin, born March 4, 1999. He joins sister Alexandra and brother John-Robert.

To Liberty Andis and TIM ANDIS '91, a son, Tate, born March 5, 1999. He joins brother Tucker.

To DONNA WISSEMAN HAUSKEN '89 and ZACH HAUSKEN '90, a son, Griff Allen, born March 15, 1999.

To KATHLEEN BROWN HILL '96 and CHRIS HILL '95, a son, Caleb Christian, born March 22, 1999. Caleb Christian Hill

To KATRINA BRODERICK MULDER '88 and JEFF MULDER '89, a son, Bryce Jefferson, born April 1, 1999. He joins sister McKenna.

To KRISTIN HANSON FINNIGAN '91 and RYAN FINNIGAN '89, a daughter, Sophia Rose, born April 2, 1999. She joins sister Courtney.

To LYNN BARRETT ANSELMI '88 and CARL ANSELMI '85, a daughter, Hallie Elizabeth, born May 27, 1999. She joins brothers Ryan and Nate.

To DARRCIE STORKSON INMAN '93 and Kevin Inman, a daughter, Ashlie Ann, born June 8, 1999.

To Ann Jaques and DON JAQUES '91, a son, Ryan Samuel, born June 18, 1999. He joins sister Bethany.

To Sheryl Yost and PAUL YOST '87, a daughter, Jessica Lynn, born June 18, 1999.

To MARY PAULSTON GUZAK '91 and Benjamin Guzak, a daughter, Gabrielle Elizabeth, born June 25, 1999.

To KRISTEN KENAGY ZETZSCHE '87 and Jost Zetzsche, a daughter, Anna Charlotte, born June 26, 1999. She joins brother Hannes and sister Lara.

To Lynda Richards and MITCH RICHARDS '87, a daughter, Renne Anne, born June 28, 1999. She joins sister Reilly.

To ALICE CROCKER BUSCH '85 and Steve Busch, a daughter, Naomi Elizabeth, born July 10, 1999. She joins brother Calen.

To Robin Burwell and JIM BURWELL '87, a daughter, Georgia Calderwood, born July 17, 1999.

To JULIE ELVIG SNOW '90 and ANDREW SNOW '91, a daughter, Sophie Genevieve Fransein, born July 19, 1999.

To KELLEY STELLWAY SPENGLER '94 and JEFF SPENGLER '95, a son, Ryan Matthew, born July 20, 1999.

To RACHEL LEMIEUX WHITE '91 and GREG WHITE '77, twin daughters, Karis Nichole and Taryn Michele, born July 15, 1999, and adopted on July 22, 1999. The White family

To HEATHER HARROP DEVEY '84 and Tom Devey, a daughter, Lauren Rose, born July 16, 1999. She joins sister Kristin and brother Braden.

To Cheryl Jackson and LONNI JACKSON '86, a son, Nathan Able, born August 7, 1999. He joins brother Charlie.

To Jean Taylor and DOUG TAYLOR '87, a daughter, Fiona Catherine, born August 19, 1999. She joins sister Maggie.

To AFARIN TEHRANI MORGAN '93 and ERIC MORGAN '93, a daughter, Amelia Caroline, born September 8, 1999.

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