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JESSE CHIANG, Political Science, 1964-1986. Jesse Chiang says he wishes he were more efficient, for then he might have hope of sating his enormous curiosity about government, history and issues both local and national. Though he hasn't kept class at SPU in almost 14 years, he still frequents the campus library and has moved to a larger home to, in part, accommodate his personal library.

Former students, colleagues and observers of world events in general can access the mind and musings of Jesse Chiang the commentator through his recently self-published collection of Christmas letters written since 1987. Christmas Christ and Millennium in Twelve Christmas Letters is now available from the SPU Bookstore.

Jesse's booklet cover a wide variety of topics, including politics, travel, pop culture and the best of both liberalism and conservatism. He strives to define the "ever-refreshing" celebration that is Christmas and how the birth of Christ is the truly big news and significance of the new millennium.

"It should make people aware," says Jesse, "that the coming of the third millennium is not an excuse for a frivolous New Year's party or opportunity to make some cash. It is an important historical and spiritual time."

Jesse is available to churches and community organizations to speak on the significance of Christ and the millennium. He may be reached by phone at 425/562-5167.

HUGH NUTLEY, Physics, 1966-1986; Electrical Engineering, 1986-1997. From the minute he retired from SPU, Hugh Nutley went to work with sons BYRON NUTLEY '87, DAN NUTLEY '81 and PAUL NUTLEY '89 in the family's Nutley Systems enterprise. Until September of this year, they helped companies develop web sites and establish themselves on the Internet. Nutley Systems was enormously successful and bought out after only two years by US Web/CKS. Now Hugh is sales manager for Force 10 Productions, leasers of racing sailboats to major corporations. Hugh says his company trains skipper and crew, and provides them with an extremely lightweight, high-tech boat for racing in some of the world's most elite competitions. Force 10 recently hired THOMAS WICKER '99, son of VERNON WICKER, professor of music at SPU.

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