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Summer 2003 | Volume 26, Number 3 | Footnotes


To CAROLYN THOMPSON BASS 90 and Andy Bass, a son, Nathan Curtis, born July 11, 2002. He joins brother Jesse and sister Megan.

To LORRAINE BALTRA KENDERDINE 88 and Tom Kenderdine, a daughter, Olivia Paige, born August 20, 2002. She joins sister Jennifer.

To Rachel Poysky and JAMES POYSKY 95, a son, Joel Bennett, born September 26, 2002.

To JANELLE SAMMONS KANZ 91 and Michael Kanz, a son, Shawn Michael, born October 29, 2002. He joins sister Larissa.

To Ana Maria Calle and OLIVIER CALLE 96, a daughter, Isabella Vivianne, born October 31, 2002.

To JAMIE CLAWSON DENHAM 93 and JON DENHAM 94, a daughter, Jaclyn Marissa, born December 3, 2002. She joins sister Jadyn.

To CINDY ISAAK FUJIWARA 93 and David Fujiwara, a son, Daniel Lee, born December 31, 2002.

To STEVE ALDRICH 94 and JENNIFER BILLINGSLEY ALDRICH 94, a daughter, Taylor Grace, born February 6, 2003.

To SHANNON FLETCHER CAMPBELL 00 and Andrew Campbell, a son, Jackson Charles, born March 5, 2003.

To KIMBERLY JOHNSON LOPEZ 91 and CHRIS LOPEZ 92, a daughter, Courtney Ann, born March 20, 2003. She joins sister Kelsey and brothers Kyle and Christian.

To Nicole Funk and NORM FUNK 91, a son, Micah Zachary, born April 9, 2003. He joins brother Matthew.

To Loly Isbell and KEITH ISBELL 86, a son, Joshua Ray, born May 9, 2003. He joins sister Karen.

To KATHY KESTLE TAKAHASHI 94 and Kyota Takahashi, a son, Kai Montgomery, born June 7, 2003. He joins sister Akemi.

To Diana Keuss and JEFFREY KEUSS 87, a daughter Eilidh Elizabeth, born June 17, 2003. She joins sister Clara.

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