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Maxine Hayes



MAXINE HAYNES, Nursing, 1976-1981. Although Maxine's official role as an instructor at SPU ended in 1981, her activity as a teacher, Seattle community leader and volunteer continues. Before coming to SPU, Maxine was an instructor at several other universities, including the University of Washington. She was also the first black nurse employed at Providence Hospital -- now Providence Seattle Medical Center. She is still active today in the Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization that she helped found in 1949 to support nurses and aspiring nurses. She remains involved in mission work as part of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Seattle. Up until 1985, she traveled annually to Costa Rica with students from the SPU School of Health Sciences. Now 80, Maxine claims she doesn't have the energy she used to have, but she still makes time for her family, serving as trustee for a deceased sister, and for a sister who lives in a nursing home. She also enjoys the theatre, and makes an annual trip to Mexico.

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