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Winter 2004 | Volume 26, Number 5 | Campus
SPU Joins University Consortium Offering Tomorrow’s Tuition at Today’s Prices

when it comes to saving for their children’s college tuition. Independent 529 Plan, sponsored by the Tuition Plan Consortium (TPC), is a prepaid tuition plan that allows parents to lock in future tuition at today’s prices. “SPU, along with 290 other independent universities such as Vanderbilt, Stanford and Westmont, are providing a highly effective way for people to fund the cost of college for their children, grandchildren and other beneficiaries,” says Seattle Pacific University Vice President for Business and Planning Donald Mortenson.

Listed as a “Best Product of 2003” by BusinessWeek magazine, Independent Plan 529 works like this: John and Jane Smith purchase a certificate in 2004 with their 8-year-old daughter, Emily, as the beneficiary. In 2014, Emily selects a TPC university, and the family redeems the certificate for a year of tuition. The certificate was worth a year’s tuition when purchased, and it still covers a year — even though 10 years have passed.

As of December 2003, certificate beneficiaries were an average of 9 years old, with many parents making automatic contributions toward their children’s college fund. “With Independent Plan 529, you remove the worry that investments might not keep up with tuition inflation,” explains Douglas Brown, president and CEO of the plan. “No matter what happens to investment markets or to the rates for college tuition, this program enables you to lock in today’s rates — and at a discount.”

For more information, call 888/718-7878 toll-free or visit

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