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Winter 2004 | Volume 26, Number 5 | Footnotes


Class of 1949

and his wife, Davelene, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2003 with a second wedding ceremony. The ceremony was officiated by their daughter, M. ANNETTE POWLESS UMBARGER ’78, an ordained Free Methodist pastor. All their five children and 13 of their 16 grandchildren were present, with each having a part in the ceremony. Richard and Davelene reside in Port Angeles, Washington.

LEON STRUNK and his wife, Martha, spent 42 years as missionaries with the Free Methodist Church in Brazil. Now living in a retirement home in Asheville, North Carolina, they recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Leon is still active, calling himself “the selfappointed assistant gardener” at their living facility. He is also a photographer and potter, displaying his pottery with a challenge to passersby: “Make a gift to missions and choose a pot.” In the past three years, his challenge has raised more than $2,000 for the Martha Strunk Community Center in Brazil, which serves needy children.

Class of 1954

DONALD ANDERSON met his future wife, JANETTE SCHULTZ ’55, in art class at SPC in 1952. They married in July 1953. He went on to receive his M.Div. and M.A. at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana; to attend Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California, for two years; and to become the founding pastor of First Christian Church in Fremont, California. He served there for 33 years before his retirement in 1993. Donald continues to preach frequently. He and Janette have two daughters and two grandchildren, and they make their home in Fremont.

ROY BOETTCHER taught at King’s High School in Seattle for three years after graduation from SPC and eventually became a member of the staff of KGDN Radio. He then went on to work for 19 years in programming and administration of the missionary radio stations of the Far East Broadcasting Company, most of that time in the Philippines. Roy worked fulltime in planned giving for 10 years at CRISTA and SPU before he took an early retirement in 1986 in order to pursue singing, his “first love.” He continued to work part-time for SPU for another 10 years and was involved in Washington state prison ministries for a time. Roy and his wife, LONITA CLEVELAND BOETTCHER ’48, live in Bothell, Washington.

DONNA COHAGAN attended the Free Methodist General Conference held at SPU this past summer, and she writes, “The campus was so beautiful. … Emerson Hall was a real ‘update’ on housing. I enjoyed a lemonade chat with JOY FISHER HAMMERSLA ’54 — first in ’lo these many years! ... I’m proud to be an alum!” Donna, who resides in Modesto, California, followed the conference with a cruise to Alaska on the Star Princess.

ARCHIE EDWARDS works full-time as a construction contractor for Archie Edwards Construction. He and his wife, Pat, are active at Maltby Christian Assembly in Snohomish, Washington, where they make their home. The couple has five children and 10 grandchildren.

is president of Reading Wings Inc. She is also a speaker and the author of a video and two books on reading and writing, including Reading Is More Than Phonics. In July 2002, she received the Global Woman of Vision Award for her work in “education and social action.” The award is given to women in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Vera lives in Calgary.

CARL JOHNSON is retired and living in San Andreas, California. He just completed a term as an interim pastor at Kerman Covenant Church in Kerman, California. It was the fourth church he has served as an interim pastor since retirement. He plans to attend the Class of 1954 reunion this spring and writes to his classmates: “See you in June ’04.”

MARYLIN BESELIN NISTLER and her husband, Gerald, are both retired. They write that they are enjoying their three grown children and two grandchildren. The Nistlers live in Saratoga, California.

ELAINE PETERSON went to the Congo in Africa in 1955 to begin a career as a missionary-teacher. She returned to the Congo after age 65 and stayed another four years before spending an additional three years teaching high school in the Bahamas. Elaine now makes her home in Alberta, Canada.

SHIRLEY EDWARDS PETERSON and her husband, LAWRENCE PETERSON ’53, write that they are enjoying their five children, 14 grandchildren and a group of new friends who are immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The Petersons are learning Russian; taking care of their home and garden in Bothell, Washington; and visiting family members who work in countries such as France and Japan.

ROBERT PONTIUS is now pastor of the Lincoln Heights Congregational Church in Spokane, Washington.

DONALD RAUN and his wife, Orpha, served as missionaries to the country of Chad for 40 years through the Lutheran Brethren Church of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. For their first 30 years as missionaries, they worked in Bible translation and literacy. During their last 10 years, they worked in a small Muslim village in literature and literacy work. They have two sons and a daughter, all three of whom have worked in, or are working in, missions. “We’re a missionary family,” says Donald. They also have four grandchildren. Now retired, Donald and Orpha live in Fergus Falls.

Class of 1959

African Arts and Culture Consultant Cherishes Memories of Seattle Pacific
Artist. Student. Janitor. Doctor. Chief. OLU ADEKANMBI’S experiences make for a great story.

Born to Christian parents in the Yoruba community of Abeokuta, Nigeria, this 1959 graduate of SPC became involved in African arts while still a teen, performing as a masked dancer in traditional Egungun ceremonies.

Attracted to Seattle Pacific by its reputation for international student programs, he enrolled in economics, history and religion courses, and thrived under the influence of history professor Clifford Roloff. He says he cherished the spiritual guidance received through chapel services, and working as a student janitor for the maintenance department helped him appreciate “the dignity of labor.”

After completing his B.A. in economics from SPC in 1959, and subsequently earning a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Oregon in 1970, Olu returned to Abeokuta, where he became chief. He went on to lead the Ogun State Polytechnic’s Business Administration and Marketing Department between 1982 and 1992. Ogun’s executive governor appointed him to the Polytechnic’s Governing Council from 1992 to 1996. And, in 2001, The African Church honored him for “selfless and loyal services to The African Church and Christianity.”

Today, Olu is a consultant, documenting religious traditions, festivals, folktales and social customs of the Yoruba people, one of Africa’s largest ethnic groups. He has lectured on Yoruba art in the Pacific Northwest and occasionally provides traditional Yoruba art for exhibits in Oregon and Washington.

Thinking back more than 40 years, he says, “I thank God that I was able to attend such a fine Christian institution.”

PHILIP AXELSON retired in August 2002 after 42 years of active ministry in the Evangelical Covenant Church. He writes that he lived this past year in Washington, spending “quality time” with his aging parents. He and his wife, JONNA BETH CHRISTMAN AXELSON ’61, now reside in Barrington, Rhode Island, where they are closer to their three children and their families.

works as a broker with ERA Freeman and Associates in Gresham, Oregon. Her husband, ROD GRADIN ’60, is a retired physics and chemistry teacher from Sam Barlow High School in Gresham. The Gradins have 17 grandchildren with another one on the way. They live in Boring, Oregon, where they attend Good Shepherd Community Church.

RICHARD HARRIS is the director of administrative services credentials at Simpson College and Graduate School in Redding, California. His wife, JUNE BLAKE HARRIS ’54, stays busy with her interest in crafts. They write that “the word retirement is not in our vocabulary.” For nearly 45 years, they have been involved in public and Christian school administration — both in the United States and abroad. Most recently, they lived in Budapest, Hungary, and were consultants to Christian schools in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Richard and June now reside in Shasta Lake, California.

FRED HAWLEY and his wife, MARY MCCORKLE HAWLEY ’56, live in Edmonds, Washington. Their four adult children, including PATTI HAWLEY GRABER ’86, reside across the United States. They have 13 grandchildren.

PHILIP OGDEN will retire in May 2004 after 35 years of teaching physics at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York. He also taught at SPC from 1964 to 1969. Philip lives in North Chili, New York.

is a homemaker in Modesto, California. Her husband, David, is a semi-retired dairy nutritionist. They have two adult children and two grandchildren. Kay writes that they have “lots of travel plans when fully retired.”

Class of 1964

MARGUERITE WATKINS BLUE retired in July 1997 after 30 years as an elementary teacher in the Edmonds (Washington) School District. She is now busy helping with the music and worship ministries at Everett Free Methodist Church in Everett, Washington, where she lives. Marguerite also volunteers in her grandchildren’s classrooms, as well as at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood, Washington.

JANET WESTMORELAND BRYANT lived in Southern California for 25 years but has spent the last 12 years in Boise, Idaho. She earned a master of education degree from the University of Idaho in 1995 and is now semiretired. She quilts and spends time with her husband, Ned; two adult children and their spouses; and four grandchildren.

WANDA PACE DAVIES and her husband, John, are missionaries to the Sudanese people, focusing on translating and teaching the Bible. They are now moving their offices from Kenya to Uganda. They write that they plan to continue with this ministry until 2006, when the couple will begin working at the Canada Institute of Linguistics in Langley, British Columbia. Wanda and John make their home in Entebbe, Uganda.

NANCY THOMPSON HEINS is a substitute teacher in the Shoreline (Washington) School District. She plays the harp for special occasions and is now creating a CD of her own harp music. Her husband, SANFORD HEINS ’63, is a school psychologist for Seattle Public Schools and plays the trombone and performs with the Northwest Gospel Jazz Band. Nancy and Sanford have three children and three grandchildren. They live in Shoreline, Washington.

currently works as a portfolio manager for Hendrickson Financial Inc. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

JON JACOBSON traveled to Kingston, Jamaica, with Campus Crusade for Christ Youth at the Crossroads in August 2003. He and his wife, Margaret, are living in Jamaica for two years and serving as regional coordinators of Jamaican teachers of the Youth at the Crossroads program. He was recently honored by Colorado UPLIFT for 16 years of developing the “Middle Lift Program.” UPLIFT helps urban youth succeed through leadership, character, career and college.

THOMAS JOHNSON served two years in the U.S. Army after graduating from SPC, including a tour in Vietnam as a medic. He has been a minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church since 1969. He is now pastor of Redeemer Covenant Church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, where he has served since 1990. Tom and his wife, Pat, married in 1969, and they have a son and daughter. The Johnsons live in Brooklyn Park.

GERALD KEENAN recently retired from JAMCO America Inc., where he was vice president/general manager. During his time with JAMCO America Inc., Gerald lived in Tokyo, Japan, and Mukilteo, Washington. He has since moved to Seattle.

MARY RUTH ANDERSON MADSEN and her husband, Leslie, have been missionaries with World Gospel Mission since 1961. They spent five years in Haiti and the West Indies, 10 years with the American Indian Field in Arizona, and 17 years with Haitian American Ministries in Florida. All three of the Madsens’ children are active in missions. Mary Ruth and Leslie have five grandchildren and live in Mount Dora, Florida.

SHIRLEY PAULI MOFFITT and her husband, JOHN MOFFITT ’62, are retired and live in Seattle. They have seven grandchildren under the age of 7. Since four grandchildren live in Colorado and three in New Jersey, Shirley and John enjoy “lots of travel time.”

BONNIE KEITH NEELY retired from teaching English and history in 2000 and was named National Teacher of the Year 2000 by her school’s accrediting organization. She was also named the DAR 2000 Colorado Teacher of the Year. Bonnie now mentors new teachers. She and her husband, Wayne, have two grown sons. The couple lives in Arvada, Colorado.

CAROL DANLEY PEBWORTH is a retired elementary school teacher from the Beaverton (Oregon) School District, where she is still active as a substitute teacher. Carol lives in Portland, Oregon.

DWIGHT ROBINSON is retired from teaching and supervising student teachers for Western Washington University. He is now restoring a vintage airplane reminiscent of the one he flew in Alaska in 1965. His wife, ANNE WESTMORELAND ROBINSON ’64, is retired as the music teacher at Fairwood Elementary School in Kent, Washington. She continues to work as a substitute teacher and is involved with the worship team at Cross and Crown Lutheran Church in Renton, Washington. The Robinsons reside in Renton.

BONNIE ARISS STEINBORN has been a teacher/missionary since 1990, serving in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and China. She is now an OMS International mission specialist and works in eight Northwest Christian colleges as a recruiter. Bonnie lives in Nehalem, Oregon.

SHARON MCCORMICK WYLIE, a retired school teacher, now commits her time to volunteer work. She and her husband, Chuck, enjoy serving their churches and communities. One of the Wylies’ two sons is currently stationed with the U.S. Army in Iraq. Sharon and Chuck reside in Yuma, Arizona, during the winter and return to their mountain cabin in Marblemount, Washington, for the remainder of the year.

Class of 1969

JOHN ANDERSON and his wife, Randi, have four sons, ages 27 to 13. In June 2003, the Andersons became first-time grandparents. They live in Lynnwood, Washington.

DEANNA COX BELL is a librarian at Bow Lake Elementary School in SeaTac, Washington. Her husband, REX BELL ’65, is the executive director of Encouragement Counseling Service, a nonprofit Christian agency. They have three children and live in Auburn, Washington.

DON BILDERBACK is the associate laboratory director of the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source as well as an adjunct professor of applied engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He and his wife, BECKY BELCHER BILDERBACK ’68, also operate a bed and breakfast called Besemer Station Inn from their home in Ithaca.

CHARLES EATON is retired from teaching and the ministry, but he is currently serving as an interim pastor in Morton, Washington, a small logging town in the foothills of Washington’s Cascade Mountains. Charles lives in Winlock, Washington.

JOAN FRANK is a member of International Training in Communication and will travel to Durban, South Africa, to conduct a storytelling workshop for members from around the world. She teaches fifth grade and directs the drama team at Pratt Elementary School in Spokane, Washington. Joan and her husband live in Spokane.

LINDA MICKELSEN GRAHAM is in her 18th year as a school nurse. She and her husband, JASON GRAHAM ’72, have three children, including ANNE GRAHAM ’99, and six grandchildren. Linda and Jason live in Everett, Washington.

LESLIE JONES HOPPER retired from her teaching career in 2000. Her husband, former SPC student KENNETH HOPPER, practices law in Sammamish, Washington, where the Hoppers make their home.

FRANCIE WATKINS HUDSON and her husband, JON HUDSON ’67, recently moved to Camano Island, Washington. Francie is a substitute teacher with the Stanwood-Camano Island School District. Jon has his own software consulting business. The Hudsons have two children, JEFF HUDSON ’96 and JULIE HUDSON MCCARTHY ’99, and three grandchildren.

SUSAN SCHLOTT JUSTUS works as an office manager at Linn County Mental Health in Albany, Oregon. She is also a women’s devotional speaker. Her husband of 33 years, Bill, is a freight truck driver. They have two grandchildren, and live in Lebanon, Oregon.

ESTHER HARTWICK MATSON lives in Albany, Oregon, and has been a private piano instructor for the past 16 years. She currently instructs 58 students in her studio on a weekly basis. Esther is also involved in Tangent Community Church, where her husband, John, is the pastor. She is a Sunday school teacher and superintendent, and serves on the worship team.

DEAN NOMURA practices dentistry in the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia, Canada, where he makes his home. He is also president of the Haida Gwaii Museum Society.

CAROL SIZER REED lives in Marysville, Washington, and works for the Sno- Isle Regional Library System along with her husband, DENNIS REED ’67. Both Carol and Dennis are active at Marysville Free Methodist Church.

ELLY UHDEN STREETER and her husband, Tom, have worked with Trans World Radio for more than 30 years. The two are involved with program development for Southern Europe. The Streeters live in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and have two daughters attending universities in the United States.

DAVID WILLSON has worked for 35 years as an English teacher, track and cross country coach, and school counselor. In 1995, David and his wife, ROSEMARY GOERZ WILLSON ’72, took positions at Temescal Canyon High School in Lake Elsinore, California. There David is a school counselor; Rosemary teaches history; and they both coach cross country. The Willsons have two children and a grandson, and they reside in Canyon Lake, California.

AL ZIMMERMAN is the director of planned giving for Oregon Health and Science University Foundation. He and his wife, VIRGINIA HAWVER ZIMMERMAN ’69, live in Gladstone, Oregon.

Class of 1974

GREG ASIMAKOUPOULOS is a freelance writer and minister-at-large. In addition to contributing to various Christian periodicals, he has written seven books, including Draw Me Close (Integrity). He and wife WENDY STEVEN ASIMAKOUPOULOS ’74 live in Naperville, Illinois, and have three daughters.

DANIEL BACHELDER is a retired school counselor. He also taught French and language arts for Matanuska-Susitna Borough Schools in Palmer, Alaska. Daniel lives in Palmer.

JUDY CARROLL BIRK teaches kindergarten at Twin City Elementary School in Stanwood, Washington. Her husband, JOHN BIRK ’75, is an associate pastor at His Place Church in Burlington, Washington. They have three children, including SPU sophomore IAN BIRK and SPU freshman LACEY BIRK. Judy and John live in Bow, Washington.

GREG BOLICH teaches graduate students in counseling at Webster University-Greenville, South Carolina. His latest book, Twelve Magic Wands: The Art of Meeting Life’s Challenges (Square One Publishers), was released in Spring 2003. Greg lives in Grover, North Carolina.

BONNIE RAE HALLADAY BRENNER moved to Orange County, California, within a few years of graduating from SPC. She and her husband, Jim, have two sons and live in Mission Viejo.

NANCY CROZIER BOWERMAN lives in Shoreline, Washington, and teaches fifth grade in the Shoreline School District. Her husband, Mike, works at Boeing. They have two children in high school and another in college.

EDITH CRIGHTON is the owner of Edith Crighton Interiors in Seattle, where she makes her home.

BETH GOODWIN FORBES works as the case administrator for Judicial Dispute Resolution in Seattle. She and her husband, Keith, attend the Chapel at Cedar Park in Bothell, Washington. Beth writes, “Keith and I enjoy camping, music, our 1942 Jeep Willys and our blended family of nine children.” The couple lives in Snohomish, Washington.

THOMAS GAINES is a heart surgeon at University of Tennessee Medical Center. He and his wife, TERRIANNE DAY GAINES ’74, have three daughters, one son and three grandchildren, and they live in Knoxville, Tennessee.

BARB MILLER GOODWIN is in her 11th year of teaching German, Spanish and English at Monroe High School in Monroe, Washington. In the past five years, she has taken high school students on three trips to Europe and one trip to Australia. Barb has two children and lives in Monroe.

VIRGINIA MORLEY HOLMSTROM is the executive director of American Baptist Women’s Ministries for ABC/USA. Her husband, ERIC HOLMSTROM ’75, is a staff chaplain at Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington, Pennsylvania. The Holmstroms live near Philadelphia in Exton, Pennsylvania.

NORMAN JOHNSON lives in Eugene, Oregon, where he serves on the faculty at Lane Community College. He is the English as a Second Language (ESL) program coordinator. Norman and his wife, JULIE ALEXANDER JOHNSON ’77, have one son, SPU freshman ALEX JOHNSON; and one daughter. MARLENE BYLSMA KROON has lived in Wasilla, Alaska, for the past 25 years. Her husband, LARRY KROON ’73, is pastor of Wasilla Bible Church. The couple’s daughter, BRITTNEY KROON, is an SPU sophomore and plays on the women’s basketball team.

KATHY GERING LUTE recently finished 29 years of employment at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, where she worked as a medical surgery nurse. Her husband, MIKE LUTE ’74, works in the information technology department at Cutter and Buck in Seattle. The Lutes have two children and make their home in Shoreline, Washington.

JIM LYON and his wife, Maureen, have four sons between the age of 13 and 22. Jim is the senior pastor of North Anderson Church of God in Anderson, Indiana, where the Lyons live.

EVELYN COX MARQUEZ is a public health nurse for the county of Sacramento, California. She writes that she focuses on “public health, child health and disability prevention, including health education.” Evelyn lives in Carmichael, California.

CHRISTINE PUTER SOLOMON moved to Pearland, Texas, after 11 years in Minnesota. Chris teaches music to 660 kindergarteners through fourth graders. Her husband, Ron, is a children’s pastor and drama director. Their three children live in three states: Minnesota, Colorado and Washington.

VICKY WICK STONE teaches family and consumer sciences at North Whidbey Middle School in Oak Harbor, Washington. Her husband, JEFF STONE ’74, teaches, coaches and serves as the athletic director at Oak Harbor High School. The Stones have a daughter and two sons, BRANNON STONE ’02 and SPU senior GARRETT STONE. They live in Oak Harbor.

TERRY SUNDBERG has pastored a Baptist church in Winlock, Washington, since 1976. A former elementary school teacher, he attended Dallas Theological Seminary, graduating with a Th.M. in 1986. He and his wife, Katherine, have a son, SPU senior ANDREW SUNDBERG; and a daughter, SPU freshman AMY SUNDBERG.

MICHAEL WHITE lives in Reno, Nevada, and writes he is “alive and well as a starving artist — an outdoorguidebook writer with 10 books about hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing in California and Nevada.” Michael is an elder at Reno Christian Fellowship, where he also works with the youth group. His wife, ROBIN SOUTHWARD WHITE ’73, practices pediatrics in a solo practice “amid the travails of managed care,” she writes. She is also active as a leader in their church youth group. The Whites’ two sons are now grown.

STAN “GARY” WYTCHERLEY is the senior director of information systems at Biola University in La Mirada, California. Gary resides in Tustin, California.

REX YODER and his wife, CHERYL LOOFF YODER ’83, live in Salem, Oregon, with their three children.

Class of 1979

From “Oliver” to “Sound of Music,” This Alumna Continues to Sing on Stage
Even before graduating in 1979 from SPU with a degree in music performance, MELEANI HUTTON WHEELER’S life was filled with song.

Mentored by the late Wadad Saba, longtime Seattle Pacific professor of music, voice and opera, Meleani sang with the Seattle Symphony Chorale during her senior year at SPU. The mezzosoprano also had the lead in SPU’s production of “The Old Maid and the Thief,” a comic opera by Gian Carlo Menotti. She’s still singing.

Although Meleani opted not to pursue a professional opera career, she is often onstage. “I did 14 shows in a row when I moved here,” she says from her home in Modesto, California. “I started and got the bug.”

With Modesto Performing Arts, Columbia Actors Repertory Theatre and other theatre companies, she’s sung in “Oliver,” “Big River,” “Sound of Music,” “Babes in Toyland” and many more.

Even offstage, though, Meleani is never far from music. For more than eight years, the singer, wife and mother of one teenage daughter has been the administrative assistant to the director of music and worship for the 3,000-member Big Valley Grace Community Church in Modesto. Her duties include coordinating rehearsals and performances for the 150-member choir. “I also sing the occasional solo there,” she adds.

And although Meleani wasn’t able to join the Class of 1979 reunion this year, she has a dream that involves bringing together former music performance majors and professors. “I’ve always thought it would be cool to have an alumni recital,” she says. “I think the SPU community would be interested in coming to that kind of an event.”

MARJORY BRUMPTON BONTRAGER teaches for the Northshore School District after several years of being a stay-at-home mom. She has three children between 10 and 16 years of age. Marjory is also active at her church. The Bontragers live in Kenmore, Washington.

KIMBERLY HUNTER BOWSER teaches second grade at Maple Valley Christian School in Maple Valley, Washington. She and her husband, Bill, have three children, and they lead worship and work with youth at New Heights Christian Church in Kent, Washington. Kimberly and her family reside in Kent.

JUNE MITTON BREDIN and her husband, DUANE BREDIN ’78, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in June 2004. June is the medical director for Morgan Center, a residential autism center in Bremerton, Washington. Duane is production coordinator for World Concern’s global distribution center in Lynnwood. They have two teenage children. The Bredins live in Edmonds, Washington.

STAN HARRISON returned to Arkansas after living in England for three years. He is presently overseeing the ministry of FamilyLife in Western Europe and Africa, including leadership and speaker training. Stan and his wife, CATHERINE BARTO HARRISON ’80, live with their son and daughter in Little Rock, Arkansas.

RICHARD HINKLE and his family returned to the Seattle area in January 2002 after living for several years in the Midwest. His wife, Carolyn, homeschools their three sons and daughter. Rich is pastor of Terrace View Presbyterian Church in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, where the Hinkles make their home.

SHAUNA ANDERSON KREIDER retired from a 21-year career as a nurse to devote herself, she says, to “the rigors of motherhood.” She homeschools her two sons and is active at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Maryland. Shauna and her husband, Walter, live in Rockville, Maryland.

CAROLINE MILLER retired from teaching in 1995. She now keeps busy with volunteering, care giving, teaching Sunday school, teaching piano and playing church music. Caroline lives in Federal Way, Washington.

DAVID PALMER lives in Maple Valley, Washington, and has served as pastor of the Maple Valley Church of the Nazarene since 1989. He and his wife, Paula, have an adult daughter.

JOAN HICKLING PERRY sold her business, Urges Unlimited, in the summer of 2001. After taking six months off to drive the Lewis and Clark Trail, Joan says, “God opened the door [for me] to return to education.” She now teaches junior high students with autism and is pursuing a master’s degree in special education. Joan lives in San Jose, California.

CONNIE SHOBERG RAE is a licensed mental health counselor in private practice. Her husband, DENNIS RAE ’62, is retired after 34 years of teaching. He now plays golf, softball and hunts. Their children are DALE RAE ’83 and JIM RAE ’94. Connie and Dennis reside in Wenatchee, Washington.

SONIA JORDETH SHAW and her husband, Bill, live in N’Djamena, Chad, and are in their fourth term of missionary service with the Assemblies of God. They previously served two terms in Ghana, West Africa. “Our work has primarily been church planting and pastoral training, but our big project this term has been starting the first Christian radio station in the nation of Chad — FM91, ‘The Voice of Hope,’” Sonia writes. She also teaches English as a Second Language classes.

WILLIAM WATERMANearned a master of science degree in therapeutic recreation in 1984 and a master of divinity degree in 2000. He has worked as a recreational therapist in three hospitals, and he now works with senior citizens with developmental disabilities. He is also a lay pastor at Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland, Oregon. William makes his home in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Class of 1984

KATHLEEN BOONE is a private music instructor of flute, clarinet, saxophone and guitar. She earned a master of music degree in clarinet performance from the University of Washington in 1993. Kathleen lives in Bellevue, Washington.

VALERIE PETERSON DAVIS and her husband, Mike, have three children. Valerie teaches 4-H clothing and textiles, does custom sewing and homeschools her children. The Davis family lives in Acton, California.

SHARI STEELSMITH DUFFIN and her husband, Jim, moved back to the Northwest after 10 years in California. Shari continues to write and publish, and she’s now helping her husband, a dentist, open a dental practice in Washington. The Duffins have three children and reside in Bonney Lake, Washington.

ANDY EKBLAD is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Fairbanks, Alaska. He and his wife, MARY KLEIN EKBLAD, have three daughters and live in Fairbanks.

is in his 10th year of teaching elementary physical education in Mukilteo, Washington. He and his wife, Anne, live with their son and daughter in Mukilteo.

DALE FLANDERS and LAURA MOSHER FLANDERS began Timber Ridge Church four years ago in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Dale serves the church as senior pastor. Laura is currently working on a master’s degree in leadership development at Denver Seminary. They have two children and write, “Our next major endeavor is to teach our 15-year-old son how to drive!” The Flanders live in Highlands Ranch.

DAN GEORGE is a science teacher at Lakes High School in Lakewood, Washington. He and his wife, Ellen, have been married for 14 years and have two children, a daughter and a son. The George family lives in DuPont, Washington.

DAWN MILLER GOULD is the coordinator of women at Mt. Gilead Bible Camp in Sebastopol, California. Her husband, DAVID GOULD ’85, is the camp’s executive director. The couple has three children and lives in Sebastopol.

MOLLY ARBUS HURD lives in Newcastle, Washington, and is a consultant for Creative Memories, a direct-selling company to help people preserve their family photos. Molly also runs 5K races and helps her husband, Markham, with real estate projects. The Hurds have two children.

GLENICE “JEAN” JOY attended SPC in 1954, and then she returned after raising a family to graduate from SPU in 1984. She now teaches private piano lessons. Her husband, KAY JOY ’54, died in June 2000. Jean has two children and four grandchildren, and she lives in Seattle.

MICHAEL LONGE is the manager of the Product Design and Communications Group in AOL’s wireless services division (Tegic Communications) in Seattle. During the past eight years, he helped design the first versions of their wireless instant messaging and T9 text input products. Michael has recently started the evening M.B.A. program at the University of Washington. His wife, KATHIE BERRY LONGE ’82, completed an associate of arts degree in early childhood education last year and has returned to teaching preschool. The Longes live in Seattle.

WENDALYN NICHOLS is a reference publishing consultant and freelance writer. She married Emanuel Barron in 2000. They live with their daughter in New York City.

ELLEN PINNT writes that she is “busy keeping up with six grandchildren.” She also makes quilts for Lutheran World Relief, gardens and sews. Ellen lives in Redmond, Washington.

MARILYN LOMMERS VAN OOSTRUM is a full-time nurse working for the Sunnyside (Washington) School District. Her husband, Henry, is a landscaper and does lawn maintenance. They have two children and live in Sunnyside.

Class of 1989

BONNIE NOFTSGER BENSON retired three years ago from teaching high school English to become a stay-athome mom to her two young sons. She also works about four hours a week from home as a reader/grader of compositions. She and her husband, ERIC BENSON ’87, live in Shelton, Washington.

DAN BOBERG is a director of strategic alliances for Overture Services, a subsidiary of Yahoo Inc., in Pasadena, California. His wife, LYNN KRAUS BOBERG ’92, is a homemaker and a toy-industry consultant. The Bobergs have two children and live in Sierra Madre, California.

AMY GORDER COSGROVE and her husband, Rodney, live in Spokane, Washington, with their four daughters. Amy homeschools the children, and Rodney is assistant pastor at Garland Alliance Church in Spokane.

and BRENT CUNNINGHAM ’91 moved to Sitka, Alaska, in 2001, when Brent took a staff position with Young Life. Prior to that, he taught high school math for 10 years in Auburn, Washington. Karin is a registered nurse, but is not currently nursing. She plans to return to it in the future. About Sitka, Karin writes, “We are enjoying the people, scenery and small-town pace.” Their two daughters love Sitka, she continues, “especially the animals (whales, eagles, bears…).”

KEVIN FINCH lives in Spokane, Washington, where he is a pastor at First Presbyterian Church. Kevin and his wife, Karen, have three gradeschool- age children.

and her husband, STEVEN JOHNSON ’88, make their home in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea, where they work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Steven is an aircraft engineer; Celene works in finance. The Johnsons have four sons.

LEE MONTGOMERY and ROBIN YOUNG MONTGOMERY ’91 are new members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Previously, Lee worked for more than seven years as a juvenile probation officer in Lewis County, Washington. In January 2004, he began linguistics school at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, Texas. After completing the program, he hopes to serve overseas on a Bible translation team as a literacy specialist. Robin, a former teacher, homeschools two of their three children and hopes to teach missionary kids while in the field. They live in Centralia, Washington.

MARK POWELL is executive director of the Northwest-based ensemble Cappella Romana, which performs medieval chant and Greek and Greek-American choral works in Seattle and Portland, Oregon. The ensemble was invited to perform in London and New York in Spring 2004, with participation funded by the Byzantine Festival in London and the Fund for U.S. Artists at International Festivals and Exhibitions. Mark and his wife, Kathleen, live in Edmonds, Washington, with their daughter.

BRENT RUBY is an associate professor of exercise physiology at the University of Montana. His wife, JO PRICE RUBY, is a stay-at-home mother to their two young children. The Ruby family lives in Missoula, Montana.

DEBORAH DALE SCHMIDT and her husband, Mike, have two children. They live in Black Diamond, Washington. JOHN SCOTT lives in Los Angeles, California, where he is regional sales director for Novartis Pharmaceuticals Specialty Sales, focusing on the geriatric population.

LISA LAND SWENSON lives in Pendleton, Oregon, where her husband, ARRON SWENSON ’92, pastors Cornerstone Community Church. Lisa and Arron have three children.

Class of 1994

STEPHEN ALDRICH and his wife, JENNIFER BILLINGSLEY ALDRICH ’95, reside in Lake Oswego, Oregon, with their baby daughter. Stephen works in project management and is currently seeking a position. Jennifer is a stay-at-home mother and graphic designer. They write that last summer they “enjoyed a wonderful week at Sunriver, Oregon, with family,” including Stephen’s parents and sister, KRISTEN ALDRICH HOEVET ’95, and her daughter.

LAURIE BUCHANAN-ROHICHand her husband, Robert, own Rochester Appraisal in Woodinville, Washington, where they also make their home. The couple has two daughters and a son.

TIM BURDICK is a behavioral health program director at Ryther Child Center in Seattle. His wife, HEATHER STEINHORST BURDICK ’93, teaches fourth grade at Discovery Elementary School in Sammamish, Washington. The Burdicks live in Bellevue, Washington.

works in youth ministry with Greater Europe Mission in Riga, Latvia.

and her husband, BRENT DEKONING ’93, have a hay farm in Ellensburg, Washington. Kirsten taught school for six years until their first child was born. She is now a stay-at-home mother for their two young children.

TAMARA TETIRICK DOWD and her husband, Bob, recently finished building a house in Snohomish, Washington. They have two young sons, and Tamara writes, “God has blessed our lives beyond our wildest dreams!”

is a full-time mother of three young children, including two sons and a baby born in November 2003. She’s also involved with Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) leadership and Young Life. Her husband, Chris, is a lawyer in Tacoma. The Easley family lives in Gig Harbor, Washington.

KELLIE WANKE GRAY and her husband, Jeffrey, have been married for nine years and reside in Gold Beach, Oregon. Kellie works in her family’s business, repairing and preserving historic bridges along the Oregon coast.

JON HARRIS designs digital audio electronics for Symetrix, a company in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Jon’s wife, AMY KELLY HARRIS ’96, gave birth to their first daughter in July 2003. The Harris family lives in Bothell, Washington.

NICK HEDMAN lives in Puyallup, Washington, where he works at Firgrove Elementary School as a curriculum specialist. Nick and his wife, SHARON IVERSON HEDMAN ’91, have three children.

is taking time off from her work as a teacher in the Issaquah School District to care for her young daughter. Her husband, DARIN JENSEN ’93, is a tax attorney at Deloitte and Touche. The Jensens make their home in Renton, Washington, and have enjoyed traveling to Australia, Europe and various parts of North America.

TRACY JOHNSON works in tax preparation. She also opened her own business crafting teddy bears, and she is nearly finished writing her first novel. Tracy lives in Gold Beach, Oregon.

RYAN JOY and GINNY RAE HUGHES JOY ’93 have one daughter and one son. They live in Austin, Texas, where Ryan works at NetBotz as a senior software engineer.

CINDY MORSE LITTLE is a stay-at-home mom taking care of her 1-year-old son. Previously, she taught third grade for six years at The Bear Creek School, a private Christian school in Redmond, Washington. Cindy and her husband, ERIK LITTLE ’92, live in Seattle.

JANANNE NEWLAND MEYER earned a master of education degree from the University of Washington. She taught in the Bellevue School District for nine years before the birth of her daughter in March 2003. Jananne and her husband, Bill, live with their daughter in Bothell, Washington.

JEFFREY OVERSTREET began work as a communications specialist in the Office of University Communications at SPU in December 2003. He is in his third year as a weekly columnist and film critic for christianitytoday. com. His film reviews are also available at the Promontory Artists Association Web site “Looking Closer” ( Jeffrey established the Promontory Film Critics Circle, which includes more than 20 Christian film critics. He and his poet/editor wife, Anne, live near Richmond Beach, Washington, with two cats.

KATHY KESTLE TAKAHASHI and her husband, Kyota, celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in 2003. They have one daughter and one son, and the family lives in Bellevue, Washington. Kathy works part-time in the Office of University Communications at SPU. Kyota is a business owner and minister.

and ERIC WATSON have two young sons. Eric is a group program manager at Microsoft, and Kathy is a stay-athome mother. The Watson family lives in Redmond, Washington.

lives in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. He is lead Unix systems administrator at the Burlington Coat Factory data center, where he does systems analysis and development integrating emerging technologies such as Linux and GRID computing. He also teaches at Hope United Methodist Church in Voorhees, New Jersey, and is the consulting sound engineer there. His wife,

SARAH BOYLE WEBBER ’97, spent several years as the registrar for the Educational Technology Training Center, a state program to instruct K–12 school teachers in new technology. She is now a full-time mother to their baby. She also manages finances for, and teaches and mentors high school students at Hope United Methodist Church.

Class of 1999

Now a Student in Jerusalem, Alumnus Answers the Call to Worldwide Ministry
The life of DAN RANDALL changed when he attended a Seattle Pacific Reachout International (SPRINT) chapel as an SPU freshman. “I felt a prompting in my heart,” recalls the 1999 graduate. He had planned to take a SPRINT short-term mission trip during his junior or senior year, he explains, “but God said, ‘Go now.’”

So Dan joined a 1995 SPRINT trip to Dublin, Ireland — and then put his studies on hold for a yearlong internship in Belfast. He next traveled with SPRINT to Uganda in 1997, and to Honduras in 1998. In 1999, he went to Kosovo the day after graduation. He returned to Kosovo in 2000 and 2002 to work through several humanitarian organizations. In 2002, he also distributed food and clothing to villages in Northern Afghanistan.

Dan eventually entered Duke Divinity School, planning to earn a master of divinity degree. In October 2002, he saw other Duke students praying for peace and asked himself, “What does it mean to be a peacemaker?” That Christmas, he flew to Israel.

For three weeks, Dan walked the streets of Jerusalem and prayed. “I can’t bring peace on my own,” he says. “God has to work in the situation, so I prayed, ‘Thy will be done.’”

Dan returned to Duke — but not for long. He is now a visiting graduate student at Hebrew University in Jerusalem until June 2004.

Intending to teach Old Testament and theology someday, Dan says he dislikes the word “missionary.” “You could be on Wall Street or working in an apple orchard or cotton field,” he says. “Ministry is not just vocational. Ministry is a lifestyle.” To follow Dan’s journeys, visit

ANDY ANDERSON and his wife, CARLA HILDERBRAND ’02, moved back to Seattle after living for a time in the Midwest. Andy is the registrar at Trinity Lutheran College in Issaquah, Washington.

JENNIFER BENNETT graduated from the University of Washington in 2002 with her master’s degree in psychology. She is now a researcher in the Department of Psychology at Yale University. Jennifer lives in New Haven, Connecticut; volunteers at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk; and plans to apply for veterinarian school.

and her husband, Aaron, own two coffeehouses in the Pismo Beach, California, area. She currently teaches junior high special education. Carla, Aaron and their son live in Santa Maria, California.

KRISTINA KENNEDY DAVIS married Seth Davis, the bass player of the Christian rock band Daily Planet in July 2000. She taught seventh grade in Los Angeles for a year before moving to Nashville, Tennessee, where the band has a record deal. Kristina is now a freelance writer and sometimes travels with the band.

JAMI ABRAHAMSON EVERETTlives in Marysville, Washington, with her husband, Terrance, and two sons. She has been teaching since the fall of 1999.

ANDREW FLOYD works for the U.S. Forest Service as a fire engine captain. In August 1999, he married Jennifer Lynn Smith, and the two live in Twisp, Washington, with their baby daughter.

ANNE GRAHAM GILL is a social worker. She lives in Lombard, Illinois, with her husband, Stephen, who is a network engineer.

LYNN HANDY is an advanced registered nurse practitioner in geriatric longterm care. She is also an SPU adjunct faculty member, assisting Associate Professor of Nursing Kathy Stetz with her research class for M.S.N. students working toward their nurse practitioner requirements. “I assist them with their small-group discussions and planning/implementation of their scholarly clinical projects,” she writes. Lynn resides in Burlington, Washington.

TAMMIE KOOPS completed a master of counseling at Mars Hill Graduate School in Bothell, Washington. She now works at Step by Step, an organization that works with low-income women throughout their pregnancies and their babies’ first year of life. Tammie also coaches volleyball and basketball at Shoreline Christian High School in Shoreline, Washington. She lives in Seattle.

is attending Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, pursuing a master of artsdegree in counseling. She lives in Gladstone, Oregon.

MANDI LARSEN finishes her master of public health degree in reproductive health at Columbia University in May 2004. She lives in New York and recently completed a three-month internship with the American Refugee Committee in Sierra Leone.

NICOLE MORROW is a nurse for Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. She plans to join the Peace Corps in the fall of 2004. Nicole resides in Overland Park, Kansas.

teaches orchestra and choir at College Place Middle School in the Edmonds (Washington) School District. She is also working on her master’s degree in music education and conducting at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. Wendy lives in Lynnwood, Washington.

LAURA MADSON O’CONNELLand her husband, David, live in St. Louis, Missouri, where David is pursuing an M.Div. degree at Covenant Theological Seminary. She writes, “We’re loving this season in our lives and are excited to see where the Lord will lead us next when we’re done here in the spring of ’05.”

AMY ROORDA is in her fifth year of teaching at Clyde Hill Elementary School in the Bellevue (Washington) School District. Amy finished her master’s degree in 2003 and is now working toward a National Board Teaching Certificate. She lives in Bellevue.

ROBIN RUST lives in Burlington, Washington, and is a first grade teacher with the Sedro-Woolley School District. She recently completed her master’s degree from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

SARA ROBERTS WETZEL works at SPU as the program coordinator for disability support services. She’s also working on her master’s degree in school counseling at SPU. Her husband, NATHANIEL WETZEL ’98, works for Fluke Corp., an international manufacturer of electronic test tools and software. The Wetzels live in Seattle.

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