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Autumn 2006 | Volume 29, Number 4 | Footnotes


To STEPHANIE SCHERTZER SHARPE 91 and Jim Sharpe, a daughter, Julianne Marie, born March 6, 2005. She joins brothers Joshua and Jonathan.

To CINDY MORSE LITTLE 94 and ERIK LITTLE 92, a daughter, Maely Cynthia, born April 15, 2005. She joins brother Spencer.

To Brandi Randall Piecora 97 and Dan Piecora, a daughter, Eden Mary-Clare, born July 27, 2005. She joins brothers Gabriel and Gideon.

To Olya Erho and DAVID ERHO 99, a daughter, Annika Marta, born September 6, 2005.

To JOLENE BAKER GENSHEIMER 92 and Joseph Gensheimer, a daughter, Jenna Grace, born October 6, 2005. She joins sister Jade and brother Jason.

To LISSY FISKUM STUART 02 and TIM STUART 02, a son, Mason David, born October 30, 2005.

To CHARLOTE WAGGONER MORIN 86 and Ed Morin, a son, Matthew Thomas, born November 9, 2005. He joins brother Andrew.

To AMBER PEDERSEN SETTLE 99 and MIKE SETTLE 99, a son, Jackson Sheehy, born November 25, 2005. He joins sister Kate.

To CHRISTY GRIFFIN SUMNER 99 and DARREN SUMNER 98, a son, Joshua Oliver, born December 5, 2005.

To CHRISTIE SCHMOKER FLICKINGER 97 and Galen Flickinger, a son, Tyler Jonathan, born December 16, 2005. He joins brother Andrew and sister Hailey.

To DANELLE BODE ALEXANDER 00 and Dante Alexander, a daughter, Sierra Noelle, born December 20, 2005. She joins sister Ashlyn.

To MARY STEVENS 03 and Mark Stevens, a son, Benjamin Ray, born December 22, 2005, and adopted December 28, 2005.

To Beth SCHENKENBERGER 02 and BRIAN ACE 02, a son, Owen Kent, born December 25, 2005.

To KYLA MERE DITH -BOUCHER 95 and Jonathon Boucher, a daughter, Isabelle Ruby, born December 29, 2005. She joins sister Grace.

To KELLY HOLTZ 97 and Michael Holtz, a daughter, Samantha Madison, born January 19, 2006. She joins sisters Mackenzie and Alexandra and brother Michael.

To Jenni Belmonte and TONY BELMONTE 97, a son, Jack Anthony, born February 7, 2006. He joins sister Grace.

To LEAH HUNTER 99 and MICHAEL KINARD 99 a son, Hunter Jonathan, born February 13, 2006.

To ELISSA GRAYSON BASTINELI 99 and Anthony Bastinelli, a son, Drew Anthony, born February 16, 2006. He joins sister Sadie and brother Zackary.

To SUSAN NELSON THORNTON 91 and Larry Thornton, a daughter, Katherine Eva, born February 17, 2006. She joins sister Victoria and brother Sean.

To JULANE WALDBAUER FULLERTON 97 and Steve Fullerton, a daughter, Mikaela Kathryn, born March 4, 2006.

To Molly Benjamin and DAN BENJAMIN 96, a daughter, Ella Shea, born March 8, 2006. She joins sister Rylie.

To JENNY ANTONISKIS WEATHERFORD 02 and JUSTIN WEATHERFORD 02, a daughter, Madeline Grace, born March 12, 2006.

To Kim Hoeldtke and NATHAN HOELDTKE 85, a son, Ezekiel Paul, born March 28, 2006. He joins brother Zacharias.

To Kelly Venable and PETER VENABLE 97, a son, Daniel Thomas, born April 25, 2006. He joins sister Hannah.

To JENNIE WALKER ECKSTROM 99 and Andrew Eckstrom, a daughter, Katherine DeVries, born May 26, 2006.

To KARMELE WINSLOW MEISS 00 and Nathaniel Meiss, a son, Micah Joel, born May 26, 2006.

To JENNIFER FEDDERN KENNEY 91 and DON KENNEY 96, a son, Jackson Dawes, born June 10, 2006.

To MICHELE REGAN LILJEN BERG 94 and ERIK LILJEN BERG 94, a son, Matthew Neil, born June 19, 2006. He joins brother Joshua.

To JENNIFER SUMMERS SWARDSTROM 94 and PETER SWARDSTROM 94, a son, Noah Evert, born on July 2, 2006.

To REBEKAH REINHARDT JOHNSON 02 and NICK JOHNSON 02, a daughter, Makaylah Anne, born July 15, 2006.

To Lauren Neal and JONATHAN NEAL 97, a daughter, Avery Elizabeth, born July 19, 2006. She joins sister Peyton and brother Jackson.

To MICHAELYNN GALBRAITH RYAN 97 and CLAY RYAN 98, a daughter, Fiona Norine, born July 24, 2006.

To BETHANY MCNICHOLS WALLACE 02 and JOSIAH WALLACE 00, a son, Caleb Asher, born July 26, 2006.

To Sarah Quinine and DONTE QUININE 00, a daughter, Olivia Jean, born July 28, 2006.

To Shannon Bokma and LOUIS BOKMA 02, a son, Henry Louis, born August 5, 2006.

To MELISSA CHRISTOFF BIBLE 94 and Samuel Bible, a daughter, Vienna Elyse, born August 8, 2006.

To KRISTEN GOETZ JONES 01 and BRYAN JONES 00, a daughter, Sierra Renea, born August 13, 2006.

To SHANNON STONER HUGHES 99 and Aaron Hughes, a daughter, Olivia Maryn, born August 15, 2006.

To ELIZABETH SHAFER SMITH 00 and SHAWN SMITH 00, a daughter, Emaline Grace, born August 17, 2006. She joins sister Elise.


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