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Autumn 2006 | Volume 29, Number 4 | From the President

The President’s Portfolio

GUIDING THE SPEAKING, writing, and travel of President Eaton this year are SPU ’s five signatures. Here are some of his recent activities (for details, visit

State of the University Address
September 20, 2006
President Eaton spoke to faculty, staff, trustees, and student leaders about next steps in executing 2014: A Blueprint for Excellence.

Opening Convocation, “Embracing the Christian Story, While at the Same Time …”
September 26, 2006
“If we are going to embrace the Christian story as one of our signatures, we must become biblically and theologically educated,” said President Eaton as the entire SPU community gathered to officially launch the academic year.

The Soapbox, “A Profoundly Different Kind of Community(pdf)
October 2006
President Eaton wrote his reflections about the witness of the Amish in the 21st century.

U.S. Department of Education Asia Delegation
November 10–18, 2006
President Eaton joined the first official delegation of U.S. college and university presidents, led by Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, to build bridges for U.S. higher education in Japan, Korea, and China.
         online extra: Reflections for the American Chamber of Commerce
         in China


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Advising Future Physicians
In 2006, SPU achieved a 100 percent medical school acceptance rate through its unique, longtime approach to “shepherding” premed students.

A “Determined Quiet”
Alumna of the Year Lora Jones ’43 proves one person can change the world. Her life exemplifies ardent faith through war, life on a prison farm, and faithfully preaching the gospel.

Fiction on a Small Canvas
A new volume celebrates the best in Christian short stories — and leads off with a creation of SPU Adjunct Professor Mary Kenagy.

Goodwill Goalkeeping
Star soccer player Marcus Hahnemann ’93 wins fans in Europe, and represents America in the 2006 World Cup.

My Response
Principal and SPU doctoral student Karol Pulliam considers the classroom implications of John Medina’s 12 brain rules.

Back-Cover Art
Class of 2000 alumna Anne Faith Nicholls gives Response readers a “Page One Examination.”