Jacob Henry Brown

To KERRY COWAN '91 and CHRIS COWAN '91, a son, Connor Jon, born September 12, 1997. He joins sister Amanda and brother Brandon.

To LYNN VANDERLEY BROWN '92 and Dave Brown, a son, Jacob Henry, born November 30, 1997.

To DEBORAH DESJARDIN-ROWLAND '83 and Michael Rowland, a daughter, Miranda, born February 4, 1998. She joins brothers PaulMichael and Byron.

To STEPHANIE SCHERTZ BODGER '95 and WILLIE BODGER '95, a son, Jordan David, born February 5, 1998. He joins sister Ashley.

To JANICE CARLSON SWETLAND '88 and Reid Swetland, a son, Luke Andrew, born February 10, 1998.

To Gail Wall and JEFF WALL '88, a daughter, Jessica Leigh, born March 13, 1998.

To KAREN VANDER-BEKEN BERGER '93 and Richard Berger, a son, Evan Patrick, born March 26, 1998.

To GILLIAN CARY WALTER '91 and Kent Walter, a daughter, Katherine Anne, born April 12, 1998.

To MICHELLE MORRELL WINCEK '93 and Gordon Wincek, a daughter, Arielle Yvonne, born May 10, 1998.

To ALISON MONTGOMERY SMILEY '89 and JEFF SMILEY '90, a daughter, Madison Noelle, born May 19, 1998. She joins brother Luke.

To CHERYL PAHL WABLE '85 and Dean Wable, a son, Casey Keys, born May 30, 1998.

To WENDY WORRALL REDAL '83 and LEIF REDAL '83, a daughter, Bryn Charis Louise, born June 2, 1998. She joins brother Kjell.

To TYRA MURRAY '92 and SETH MURRAY '92, a son, Isaiah Hansen, born June 18, 1998. He joins sister Sophia.

To SHANNON BEAN OLSON '92 and Marty Olson, a son, Timothy John, born June 26, 1998. He joins brother Eric.

To Anna Pang and GARRICK PANG '86, a son, Jacob Daniel, born June 27, 1998. He joins brother Caleb.

To CARLENE MOFFITT PRUITT '89 and John Pruitt, a daughter, Annabel Ruth, born July 1, 1998.

To ANGELA BEROSH RICHEY '89 and BRUCE RICHEY '86, a son, Eric, born July 2, 1998. He joins sisters Nadia, Brooke and Tasha.

To Sally Holmgren and CHRIS HOLMGREN '85, a daughter, Anna Katherine, born July 8, 1998. She joins brothers Jordan, Eric, Joshua and Samuel.

To LAINE BOESEL HUBER '88 and TIM HUBER '89, a son, Tevis Robert, born July 9, 1998. He joins sister Madeline.

To RANDI CHRISTIANSEN HUNTER '80 and JERRY HUNTER '79, a daughter, Sara Elin, born July 9, 1998. She joins brothers Tim, Dan and David, and sisters Kari and Beth.

To ROBIN REDDING VANLANDINGHAM '88 and DENNIS VANLANDINGHAM '88, a daughter, Sarah Marie, born July 12, 1998. She joins brother Jonathan and sister Laura.

To TANYA BUERGER LYON '95 and Darin Lyon, a son, Jacob Paul, born July 21, 1998.

To HEATHER BEAL STOWE '90 and Patrick Stowe, a son, Ethan Patrick, born July 31, 1998. He joins sister Hayley.

To KATHY DAUGHERTY POMEROY '92 and Troy Pomeroy, a son, Jacob Allen, born August 3, 1998.

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