Memoriam: Groundbreaking Work

Response invites memories for a former SPU staff member


Susan Okamoto Lane, director of Multi-ethnic Programs at SPU

By Susan Okamoto Lane, Director of Multi-ethnic Programs


I am grateful for and humbled by the groundbreaking work Joe accomplished in his six years at SPU. Students would regularly come to him with an idea, and he would help them bring it to life. He guided the creation of Early Connections; Night of Beats, student groups such as Mosiac and SALSA (Spanish and Latino Student Awareness club; Intercultural retreats; and more.


What is most striking to me, however, is getting to know the alumni whose lives were changed from knowing and working with Joe.


His listening, recognition of their pain and passion, empowerment and challenge, played a significant role in forming young adults who know that their dreams can be realized and that they can make a difference in this world.


He gave me this same kind of encouragement and affirmation as I stepped into this position, and I knew that he was just a phone call away. How I will miss this dear colleague.


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"Groundbreaking Work" by Susan Okamoto Lane, director of Multi-Ethnic Programs


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