President Eaton's latest Response article [Summer 2001] was another reminder to me of the lasting impact he is having on SPU, our community and the church at large. I applaud his efforts to engage the culture for the cause of Christ. His influence is reaching far beyond the bounds of Queen Anne Hill. Since I work with an SPU board member, I know the enthusiasm Dr. Eaton has for Christ is infecting people all around the world. As an alumnus, I can't tell you how excited I am to see our president step out courageously, with dignity and respect, to contend for such deeply held and enduring matters of faith.
Brian Pearson '88 • Bothell, Washington

While reading the recent edition of Response [Summer 2001], I noted a small article concerning a significant change in the policies, beliefs and practices of SPU. The issue is of course social dancing on campus. … I believe that the institution is trampling on the heritage for which my mentors sacrificially invested their lives on the slopes of Queen Anne Hill. Although I no longer live in the immediate geographical vicinity of the Northwest, my sense of pride in being a graduate of a distinctively Christian institution has been significantly eroded. It seems that instead of upholding a standard of righteousness the school is now seeking the lowest common denominator of spirituality and Christian living. I was a proud Falcon, but no more!
Jim Bolin '73 • Canton, South Dakota

Beverly and I are avid social dancers. We applaud SPU's new policy [on dancing]. … All kinds of people's lives are somehow intertwined with ours through the common interest of ballroom dancing. No, we never try to preach to anyone. Instead, because of the intertwining of our lives, we are engaged with each other regardless of our backgrounds. There have been many occasions when we waltz to the tune of "Amazing Grace," or when a fellow dancer asks us about our Christian faith, or when we can give a dancer a hug because he/she looks so sad, or we can pray for a specific dancer. What a marvelous way to engage those whose lives touch ours.
Peter S. Tam '71 • Bethesda, Maryland

The centerpiece on SPU's SPRINT teams [in the Summer 2001 Response] did my heart good. … I would like to clarify the fact that SPU has had a long history of summer student missions, and its resurgence began in 1978 with faculty and student initiatives, not in 1983. The older student-led organization was known as Operation Outreach, and dated back at least to the late 1960s. I was also thrilled to see Response finally do a report on the incredible kingdom service that Keith Isbell has done for over a decade in HCJB's Shell Hospital in the jungles of Ecuador. I had the privilege of flying through the Andes in a MAF plane to visit him there last November. It was one of the highlights of my personal ministry to see Keith, my former student, and his wife, Loly, ministering there among the poorest of the poor.
Steve Hoke, Former SPU Director of Campus Ministries, 1979-1985 • Upland, California

Thanks for featuring the SPRINT program in the last Response. I must say it brings back memories: wondering if we could risk such a program, how it could possibly continue to be funded, etc. I remember [then Vice President for Student Life] Steve Hayner responding to one strong critic when one of our students stayed on in Bangladesh after the India team and was there during one of the horribly disastrous floodings. She was a nursing student and so jumped in to help. When challenged as to how SPU could risk letting her be there, Steve's answer was something to the effect that that's exactly where she should be, making a difference with her skills at a time of need. It's exciting to see what God is doing in and through so many students who are willing to say "Yes!" even into the unknown.
Marta Bennett, Former SPU Director of Campus Ministries, 1990-1994 • Nairobi, Kenya

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