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Autumn 2002 | Volume 25, Number 4 | Footnotes


To LISA PASSAGE MORSE 98 and MIKE MORSE 01, a daughter, Annika Madison, born November 3, 2001.

To KATHY CARTER 98 and CHUCK CARTER 99, a daughter, Alana Mae, born November 8, 2001.

To Dannielle Kelly and ANDREW A.J. KELLY 98, a son, Aidan Jameson, born November 15, 2001.

To ANNETTE SIMONSON LOTTIS 89 and Timothy Lottis, a son, Andrew Arthur, born January 1, 2002. He joins brother Timothy.

To ALLISA SMITH HAWKS 91 and Jeff Hawks, a daughter, Luca Joy, born February 19, 2002.

To CINDY MORSE LITTLE 94 and ERIK LITTLE 92, a son, Spencer David, born May 25, 2002.

To THERESA TODO CROOKS 84 and Carl Crooks, a son, Daniel James, born June 18, 2002. He joins sister Madelyn.

To KRISSIE NELSON SMITH 97 and KORY SMITH 97, a daughter, Naomi Mae, born June 26, 2002.

To JULI VAN PELT 89 and Morlin Elias, a son, Craig Justin, born July 16, 2002. He joins brother Liam.

To MARIBETH SAN PEDRO THOMAS 98 and Ryan Thomas, a son, Truman Ryan, born August 8, 2002.

To ROBIN LAWSON HILT 98 and KURT HILT 97, a daughter, Avery Rose, born September 18, 2002.

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