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Hear and Remember

The Bible & Theology

Hear and Remember

As part of this summer’s Lectio: Guided Bible Readings, Professor Sara Koenig reflects on the greatest commandment.

Phyllis Sortor


Alumni Pulse

SPU alumni were recently surveyed to ask how to improve the alumni experience. Here’s what they said.

Suzanna Ohlsen


Falcon Smarts

Find out why Suzanna Ohlsen ’15 was honored as “the smartest athlete in the nation.”

Gladys Mwiti

The World

Testimonies of Transformation

International scholars and leaders came together at SPU to explore the challenges of hope and reconciliation amid global crises.

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Wages: What’s Fair

Q&A with business ethics expert Kenman Wong about a $70k “minimum wage” and fairness.

Faculty Bookshelf

New books on everything from business, worship music, theology, and Naxiyamtáma elders.

Decades of Service

Students and alumni are saying “Thank you” to their retiring professors. Join in.

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Majoring in the Arts

Autumn 2011

Former art students answer the question: “What are you going to do with that major?” More »

The Question

We asked you:

What inspires you about the next generation?

And see how readers answered the spring issue’s question, and share one thing you do to support good labor practices.

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