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About Response

Response is a print and online magazine for thoughtful Christians worldwide, rooted in the people, life, and mission of Seattle Pacific University. The magazine explores the encounter between education, faith, and culture, and is an informed voice for Christian engagement in the world.


Response Staff


Daniel J. Martin

Associate Publisher

Nathan Moutett

Managing Editor

Hannah Notess

Consulting Editor

Alison Estep

Contributing Editor

Jeffrey Overstreet

Art Director

Leah Dankertson

Senior Writer

Clint Kelly

Staff Writers

Beth Douglass, Tori Hoffman, Hope McPherson, Mark Moschetti, Tracy Norlen

Footnotes Editor

Clint Kelly


Lynn Anselmi, Garland Cary, David Cho, Luke Rutan, Kiri Schweithale, Daniel Sheehan, Mike Siegel, Andrew Towell

Web Editor

Hope McPherson

Web Designer

Jane Hur

Web Developer

Jacob Lane

Administrative Support

Julia Weir, Tori Hoffman

University Administration


Daniel J. Martin


Jeffrey B. Van Duzer

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Nathan Moutett

Vice President for University Advancement

Louise Sausele Furrow

Senior Vice President for Planning and Administration

Donald W. Mortenson

Vice President for Student Life

Jeffrey C. Jordan

Vice President for Business and Finance

Craig G. Kispert

Board of Trustees


Douglas D. Backous

Vice Chair

Matthew H. Whitehead


Victor C. Moses


Becky A. Gilliam