After more than 25 years as a tabloid, Response is going to become a magazine. Beginning with the Summer 2002 issue, the Response editorial and design team will publish a quarterly magazine that we hope maintains the best elements of the tabloid while adding some wonderful new enhancements.

This option has been considered at various points during Response's history, but the time never seemed right to change a publication that readers tell us they read and enjoy. Don't mess with success, right? Well, there is a time and place for change, and we think that time is now. Let me tell you why.

First, a magazine format will allow us to respond to many of your requests for improvement. Not only will a magazine be easier to handle, read and store than a tabloid, but it will also provide some additional space for in-depth features, alumni news, faculty news, athletics and Footnotes (which research has told us is the most-read section of the entire publication). The addition of color photography — often suggested by readers — will transform the look of Response, and our designer will have more options than ever when creating his award-winning visuals. Second, Seattle Pacific University's increased visibility nationwide places new demands on Response. We want to communicate in fresh ways and with editorial integrity the stories of the people of SPU and how they are "engaging the culture" with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The diversity and vocation initiatives we focus on in this issue are two examples of the kind of momentum we're experiencing on campus. Response should reflect that momentum.

Rest assured, however, that we won't sacrifice the personal and approachable feel of Response. Our most important goal for this publication is to connect each reader to the ongoing life of the University. We continue to ask for your comments, critiques, suggestions and prayers. Look for the first issue of Response magazine in a few months!

Jennifer Johnson Gilnett

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