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Spring 2005 | Volume 28, Number 1 | Footnotes


To STACEY JOHNSON MINNER ’97 and Jonathan Minner, a son, Caleb Scott, born June 13, 2003.

To SARAH NELSON FRIESEN ’94 and Todd Friesen, a daughter, Hannah Grace, born October 29, 2003.

To Kimberly Smith and RYAN SMITH ’98, a daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, born December 13, 2003.

To Lisa Mullen and DREW MULLEN ’97, a son, Joshua Lee, born December
28, 2003. He joins sister Abbey.

To JOAN BAUMAN KLOSTREICH ’95 and BRAD KLOSTREICH ’94, a daughter, Lauryn Grace, born January 5, 2004. She joins brother Jacob.

To ENID DAHLSTROM MASON ’95 and SHANE MASON ’96, a son, Colton Donald, born February 27, 2004. He joins sister Ellery.

To Jane Owen and RANDY OWEN ’90, a son, Timothy Luke, born March 14, 2004.

To Lori Jefferson and KEITH JEFFERSON ’83, a daughter, Emma Joy, born March 24, 2004. She joins brother Randall.

To NANCY LUDEMAN LURKER ’80 and Dean Lurker, a daughter, Grace Alice-Marie Mei, born June 28, 2003, and adopted April 18, 2004. She joins sister Rachael.

To Christine La Tour and SETH LA TOUR ’00, a son, Jonas Jac, born April 21, 2004.

To JENNIFER PATERSON REEVE-PARKER ’95 and Simon Reeve-Parker, a son, Aidan Benjamin, born April 24, 2004.

To SHARI KALSO NEAL ’98 and JIM NEAL ’98, a daughter, Kylie Nicole, born May 7, 2004.

To Stefanie Weis and RIGEL WEIS ’01, a daughter, Haleigh Teresa, born May 22, 2004.

Amanda Grace, born June 16, 2004.

To KARI JONES HAMMER ’00 and ANDY HAMMER ’00, a son, Andrew Jonathan, born July 20, 2004.

To JULIE AHRNSBRAK BLANCAFLOR ’92 and Noel Blancaflor, a daughter, Megan Hope, born July 21, 2004. She joins sister Katherine.

To Lynn Richards Miller and EDWARD MILLER ’75, a daughter, Priscilla Grace, born July 21, 2004.

To JULIE ANDERSON LAMB ’97 and Andrew Lamb, a son, Connor Andrew, born August 9, 2004.

To TWYLA HOMKES O’CALLAGHAN ’96 and Rob O’Callaghan, a son, Nevan Stuart, born August 27, 2004. He joins brother Toby.

To ELIZABETH SHAFER SMITH ’00 and SHAWN SMITH ’00, a daughter, Elise Georgia, born September 3, 2004.

To Molly Russell and CHAD RUSSELL ’92, a son, Aidan Wayne, born September 8, 2004. He joins brother Caleb.

To GRETCHEN FIELD KELLY ’98 and AARON KELLY ’98, a daughter, Maggie Jayne, born September 26, 2004.

To JULIE CHINNOCK PARKER ’00 and Joe Parker, a son, Zachary Robert, born September 30, 2004. He joins brother Taylor.

To Kristen Hunter and GREG HUNTER ’92, twins, Grace Lyn and Samuel Glen, born October 12, 2004.

To Angela Hines and PHILIP HINES ’00, a son, Caleb Daniel, born November 13, 2004.

To CARMEN WALL SCHABEL ’94 and Timothy Schabel, a daughter, Kaley Jean, born November 14, 2004. She joins sister Audrey.

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