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Spring 2007 | Volume 30, Number 1 | Footnotes


To JULIE ANNE DECKER MADSON ’00 and CHRIS MADSON ’99, a son, Taylor Harrison, born June 4, 2005.

To EMILY COCHRAN BECH ’02 and Peter Bech, a daughter, Kathrine Ruth, born September 9, 2005.

To AMY KELLY HARRIS ’96 and JON HARRIS ’94, a son, Owen Jonathan, born October 28, 2005. He joins sister Clara.

To LAURA MADSON O’CONNELL ’99 and David O’Connell, a son, Andrew John, born October 28, 2005.

To CHRISTY THWING DUBOIS ’00 and Paul Dubois, a son, Casey Lee, born November 4, 2005. He joins sister Jessica.

To BETH MCDANIEL ’90 and Tim Siebersma, a son, Zan Robert, born November 29, 2005.

To CHRISTIE SCHMOKER FLICKINGER ’97 and Galen Flickinger, a son, Tyler Jonathan, born December 16, 2005. He joins brother Andrew and sister Hailey.

To TRICIA VALNES MASON ’98 and MARK MASON ’98, a son, Jack Hamilton, born January 16, 2006.

To JANEL KAUTZER BUCKINGHAM ’03 and LEE BUCKINGHAM ’04, a daughter, Hannah Noelle, born February 23, 2006.

To JULANE WALDBAUER FULLERTON ’97 and Steve Fullerton, a daughter, Mikaela Kathryn, born March 4, 2006.

To ALISSA WUERTZ ’00 and JAMIE SHATTENBERG ’99, a daughter, Isabella Gale, born March 9, 2006.

To SHARON THORP ANDERSON ’01 and Travis Anderson, a daughter,
Katelyn Michelle, born May 3, 2006.

To SUMMER SPRINGER WILSON ’99 and Jim Wilson, a daughter, Anna
Elizabeth, born May 7, 2006. She joins brothers Jacob and Isaac.

To MICHELE REGAN LILJENBERG ’94 and ERIK LILJENBERG ’94, a son, Matthew Neil, born June 19, 2006. He joins brother Joshua.

To JENNIFER SUMMERS SWARDSTROM ’94 and PETER SWARDSTROM ’94, a son, Noah Evert, born July 2, 2006.

To AMY REKO SULLIVAN ’98 and Todd Sullivan, a son, Jadon Michael, born July 7, 2006.

To MICHELLE GREEN BEST ’96 and RYAN BEST ’97, a son, Joshua Ryan, born August 3, 2006. He joins sister Samantha.

To QUYEN NGUYEN STEVENSON ’98 and Byron Stevenson, a son, Matthew James, born August 8, 2006. He joins brother Mark.

To MARYBETH WILLIAMSON COOK ’94 and Jim Cook, a son, James Nolan, born August 10, 2006.

To JENNIFER MASON BELL ’97 and Dan Bell, a son, Micah James, born August 22, 2006.

To MICHELLE SAMS ALLEN ’04 and David Allen, a son, Jonathan Wayne, born August 24, 2006. He joins brother Daniel.

To Kasey Johnson and MATTHEW JOHNSON ’91, a daughter, Chloe Anne, born August 24, 2006. She joins sister Lucy and brother Bo.

To Crystal Kelly and SHANE KELLY ’96, a daughter, Grace Marie, born August 28, 2006.

To Tina Hadden and DAVID HADDEN ’92, a son, David Patrick, born September 1, 2006.

To SONJA VANDER POL RINGSRUD ’98 and PAUL RINGSRUD ’98, a daughter, Kjersti Grace, born September 6, 2006.

To SARAH FRUTCHEY WOODWARD ’00 and NATE WOODWARD ’00, a son, Lincoln Paul, born September 6, 2006.

To CHRISTY EARP SCHWENKE ’00 and TROY SCHWENKE ’01, a son, Kyle James, born September 29, 2006.

To ERIKA BRADLEY KESSLER ’01 and Brian Kessler, a daughter, Linnea Grace, born October 13, 2006.

To SARAH LOW MORRIS ’99 and Jeff Morris, a son, Luke David Allen, born October 13, 2006. He joins sister Emma.

To SARAH BOYLE WEBBER ’97 and RICHARD WEBBER ’94, a daughter, Miranda Elena, born October 30, 2006. She joins brother Alex.

To GRETCHEN FIELD KELLY ’98 and AARON KELLY ’98, a daughter, Maya Brynn, born November 7, 2006. She joins sister Maggie.

To KRISTIN SCOTT OSBORNE ’02 and James Osborne, a son, Noah James, born November 27, 2006.

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from the president
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SPU President Philip Eaton asks what would happen if the Bible were at the center of the learning enterprise.

Destination: Asia
SPU President Philip Eaton joined a historic delegation of U.S. university presidents that visited Asia.

Coffee as Change Agent?
Pura Vida employees, including several SPU alumni, engage the culture using a social-venture business model.

books, film, & music
Dark Alphabet
Jennifer Maier, poet and SPU associate professor of English, receives a literary award for her first book.

National Tournament Returns
For the first time in 10 years, SPU hosts the USA Gymnastics Women's Collegiate Championship.

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