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WALL-E Movie review

WALL-E Movie review

New Movie Review:
Spring 2008 | Volume 31, Number 1 | Footnotes


To BRANDY JOHNSON REID ’98 and MATT REID ’98, twins, Audrey Faith and Sydney Grace, born July 23, 2006. They join sister Hannah.

To CHRISTINE MOULTON SCHAFF ’97 and Keith Schaff, a son, Christopher William, born August 26, 2006.

To KIMBERLY SLATER CALKINS ’93 and Doug Calkins, a son, Benjamin Warren, born November 7, 2006. He joins sister Kassidy.

To Amanda Stimmel and BEN STIMMEL ’96, a daughter, Sydney Jewel, born January 1, 2007.

To MISHAWN ORCHARD TREMPER ’00 and MATTHEW TREMPER ’00, a daughter, Carson Michelle, born February 14, 2007. She joins sister Elsie.

To JANELLE BETTIS WISE ’00 and Tyson Wise, a son, Elliott John, born March 31, 2007.

To SARA ROBERTS WETZEL ’99 and NATE WETZEL ’98, a daughter, Naomi Elizabeth, born April 3, 2007. She joins brother Eli.

To JEN WHEELER WILLETT ’04 and JAMES “J.R.” WILLETT ’02, a son, Micah James, born April 16, 2007.

To JAYME NIMICK COFFEY ’96 and Jeff Coffey, a daughter, Jordan Danielle, born May 15, 2007.

To SUSAN DURIS ROSE ’98 and Richard Rose, a daughter, Imani Grace, born May 27, 2007.

To JENNIFER ESTERLY WALDROUP ’97 and Christopher Waldroup, a daughter, Georgia Jenee, born June 15, 2007. She joins sister Claire.

To DAWN CLARK COLVIN ’98 and Justin Colvin, twins, Alyssa Joann and Aidan Elliott, born June 18, 2007.

To ANDREA ZIMMER BELL ’03 and CASEY BELL ’02, a daughter, Heidi Grace, born June 19, 2007. She joins sister Kyla.

To JOY BERGQUIST ROWE ’05 and DAN ROWE ’05, twins, Grace Naomi and Isaiah Daniel, born June 28, 2007.

To KIMBERLY-JOY SHERWOOD DUNPHY ’01 and MIKE DUNPHY ’01, a daughter, Amanda Joy, born July 14, 2007.

To JANELLE KRAFT BURMEISTER ’95 and David Burmeister, a daughter, Madeline Grace, born August 23, 2007.

To STACY DE VRIES BOSTROM ’01 and JOHAN BOSTROM ’01, a son, Gavin Andrew, born September 7, 2007.

To ERIN MADDOX MCPHEE ’04 and Matthew McPhee, a son, Miles Wesley, born September 11, 2007.

To Stephanie Lingren and ERIC LINGREN ’86, a daughter, Katelyn Elizabeth, born September 25, 2007.

To HOPE MCPHERSON ’92, a daughter, Jolene Joy, born March 29, 2000, and adopted December 7, 2007.

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Department Highlights

from the president
President Philip Eaton reminds us that God's promise to “do something new” creates and sustains our hope.

New Leadership
The School of Theology welcomes Doug Strong, Ph.D., as its new dean.

Detours and Unexpected Destinations
Samuel Lin ’65 was named SPU Alumnus of the Year for a lifetime of service.

Oh, So Close
Falcon women’s soccer had 23 straight wins in 2007–08 season; was in Final Four.

my response
Poetry by Emily Dickinson
SPU Professor Susan VanZanten Gallagher on Emily Dickinson’s Poem #314 and “Hope.”

Response art
The Advent of Breathing
SPU Professor Christen Mattix on “The Advent of Breathing.”