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Summer 2002 | Volume 25, Number 3 | Campus
Largest-Ever Graduating Class Spreads Out Across the U.S. and the World

THE CLASS OF 2002 is the largest graduating class in Seattle Pacific University's 111-year history. More than 100 of this year's 790 graduating seniors earned academic or special honors and awards from the University's nearly 50 majors. Of those majors, the five disciplines with the highest number of graduates were business administration, psychology, English, computer science and nursing, which has the distinction of graduating the most students in 2002.

"Nursing provides a great opportunity to serve," says graduate Jessica Mitchell, now a surgical nurse at Seattle's Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center. "It's almost like a mission field for SPU students."

Already spreading out across the United States and the world, the graduates of Seattle Pacific are "engaging the culture" in many ways. Some are entering directly into professions; some are going to graduate school; others will be serving in various locations with the military, the Peace Corps and international relief organizations; still others are going into short- and long-term mission assignments.

2002 ASSP President Emily Cochran Bech, who double-majored in European studies and political science, moves to France this fall and enters the University of Perpignan for French-language study. Graduate John Keatley's business administration degree helps in his newly launched career as a professional photographer. His clients already include businesses and organizations such as Focus on the Family.

"The faculty in the Music Department really encouraged me to look at graduate school as an option," says Carla Hilderbrand, who graduated with a double major in sociology and music. Entering the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Hilderbrand, a mezzo-soprano, plans to earn a master's degree in music, studying vocal performance with an emphasis in opera.

New alumni are also entering graduate schools such as New York University, the University of Washington, Fuller Seminary, England's Rose Bruford College and Harvard Law School. At least 18 students are going on to medical school and other graduate health science programs.

Although the majority of graduates are in their early 20s, two new alumni are mother and daughter. Merry Jensen majored in organizational behavior; her daughter, Hillary, majored in visual communication. "We laugh about it," says Merry. "It took her four years, and it took me 34 years, to earn a degree."

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From the President
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