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Summer 2009 | Volume 32, Number 2 | Features

A Group With a View

"The Old Guys"

“When you’re climbing, it’s a great time to talk.”

“Anytime you’re out and exposed to danger together, there’s a bonding that occurs,” says Jerry Klein ’60. He should know. He’s broken five bones while hiking and climbing in Canada and Bhutan.

Klein is part of a group of Seattle Pacific University alumni and faculty who — inspired by a snarky remark from a young hiker who passed them on the trail — call themselves “The Old Guys.” Despite their nickname, their zeal, strength, and stamina is impressive. They began conquering scenic peaks together in 1998, and they’re still aiming high.

Hike with these determined climbers, and you’ll get to know John Dietzman ’61, Donald MacPhee ’50, Forrest Walls ’60, Chet Lewis ’60, Doug Taylor ’87, and friends.

The Old Guys are sensitive to the challenges that come with age and illness. One of the climbers recently turned 80; another struggles with the effects of Parkinson's disease. "I've found a ton of places to go that have huge benefits, but that don't have much exposure and aren't too damaging," says Klein.

Why do they do it? Klein explains it like this: “We like each other and being together. When you’re climbing, it’s a great time to talk.”



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A Group With a View

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