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Munyurangabo Movie review

Movie Review:
Summer 2009 | Volume 32, Number 2 | Footnotes


To CHRISTINA SAUR PAPOULIAS ’03 and STEVEN PAPOULIA ’01, a son, James Timothy, born August 27, 2007.

To Gretchen Crouch and BRIAN CROUCH ’97, a daughter, Lauren Paige, born October 10, 2007. She joins sister Caitlyn.

To ANNE GRAHAM GILL ’99 and Stephen Gill, a daughter, Madeline Grace, born October 29, 2007.

To CHRISTIE SCHMOKER FLICKINGER ’97 and Galen Flickinger, a son, Weston Josiah, born Decem-ber 21, 2007. He joins sister Hailey and brothers Andrew and Tyler.

To CHRISTY GRIFFIN SUMNER ’99 and DARREN SUMNER ’98, a daughter, Abigail Anne, born January 5, 2008. She joins brother Joshua.

To KRISTI MILLER FURE ’02 and JOHN FURE ’01, a daughter, Katherine Elizabeth, born January 14, 2008.

To HEATHER WALLACE BOCK ’00 and Greg Bock, a son, Clayton Lawrence, born February 1, 2008.

To SHARON IVERSON HEDMAN ’91 and NICK HEDMAN ’94, a son, Bennett Nickolas, born February 8, 2008. He joins sisters Lucy and Lydia, and brother Calvin.

To NATALIE FOSTER HINES ’98 and Devon Hines, a daughter, Ryann Morgan, born February 14, 2008. She joins sister Ashlynn and brother Colton.

To LINDSAY LUNNUM MCGEVERAN ’99 and James McGeveran, a son, Seamus Knut, born February 23, 2008.

To HEATHER PETERSON- WOODRUFF ’95 and Rick Woodruff, a daughter, Jillian Catherine, born February 27, 2008.

To DAWN VANDERLEY MEYERS ’02 and Aaron Myers, a son, Lincoln Rodney, born March 5, 2008.

To TAMARA ALLMER KERNUTT ’00 and MATTHEW KERNUTT ’99, a daughter, Audrey Ryan, born March 7, 2008. She joins brother Brady.

To KATHARINE MURER NEILL ’01 and Patrick Neill, a daughter, Eliza Caroline, born March 14, 2008. She joins sister Zoe and brother Jamin.

To TAVIA STONE WHITE ’03 and CALEB WHITE ’03, a daughter, Magdalene Dawn, born April 10, 2008.

To ALISSA WUERTZ SHATTEN- BERG ’00 and JAMIE SHATTENBERG ’99, a daughter, Eliana Lee, born April 13, 2008. She joins sister Isabella.

To MELISSA FISKUM STUART ’02 and TIMOTHY STUART ’02, a daughter, Kate Fraser, born April 25, 2008.

To LAURA LAWSON GILLESPIE ’04 and SCOTT GILLESPIE ’04, a daughter, Grace Madeja, born May 6, 2008. She joins brothers Noah and Hayden.

To KRISTIN SEIFERT SMITH ’04 and MATTHEW SMITH ’04, a son, Carter Jackson, born May 30, 2008.

To MINDY GALBREATH WORTHINGTON ’00 and MATTHEW WORTHINGTON ’94, a son, James “Jay” Dunegan, born June 2, 2008.

To JESSICA WILLIS JORGENSON ’04 and BRIAN JORGENSON ’04, a daughter, Lacey Anne, born June 13, 2008. She joins brother Benjamin.

To CARLY MYERS SIMON ’04 and John Simon, a daughter, Jane Margaret, born June 16, 2008. She joins brother William.

To TIFFANY KEENE SHELTON ’02 and MARCUS SHELTON ’00, a son, Blake Steven, born June 18, 2008.

To JULIE MATZEN CLEVELAND ’97 and RICHARD CLEVELAND ’99, a son, Isaac Eugene, born June 22, 2008. He joins sister Elise.

To LACEY FAIN MANSELL ’03 and BRIAN MANSELL ’02, a son, Rainier Christian, born July 7, 2008.

To JENNY ANTONISKIS WEATHERFORD ’02 and JUSTIN WEATHERFORD ’02, a son, Noah Thomas, born July 22, 2008. He joins sister Maddie.

To Denise Obtinario and MARK OBTINARIO ’80, a daughter, Kathleen Denise, born August 7, 2008.

To SUMMER RAE REYNOLDS KRAUSE ’99 and Dale Krause, a daughter, Cadence Lydia, born August 13, 2008.

To LISA BEIGHTLER LEMPERES ’01 and Aaron Lemperes, a daughter, Adelyn Grace, born September 2, 2008.

To SHARON THORP ANDERSON ’01 and Travis Anderson, a daughter, Sarah Elise, born September 8, 2008. She joins sister Katelyn.

To AILIE DUKES DANIELS ’02 and LUKE DANIELS ’01, a son, Kohen Luke, born September 12, 2008.

To Anna Pang and GARRICK PANG ’86, a son, Samuel David, born September 13, 2008. He joins brothers Caleb and Jacob.

To KRISTI LEKSEN GALVIN ’98 and Brad Galvin, a son, Kaelen Bradley, born October 25, 2008.

To SUMMER SPRINGER WILSON ’99 and Jim Wilson, a daughter, Mabel May, born November 4, 2008. She joins sister Anna and brothers Jacob and Isaac.

To KEELEY CAVENDER DROTZ ’00 and Dallas Drotz, a daughter, Adelyn Grace Randell, born November 18, 2008. She joins sister Nevaya.

To JANELLE KRAFT BURMEISTER ’95 and David Burmeister, a daughter, Lillian Claire, born November 20, 2008. She joins sister Madeline.

To JESSICA ISAACS KING ’99 and WARREN KING ’96, a son, Linkin Jeter, born November 20, 2008.

He joins brother Trevin, born November 25, 2007. To JEANNIE HALLE ISAAK ’90 and SCOTT ISAAK ’91, a daughter, Danielle Halle, born November 24, 2008. She joins brothers Derek, Drew, Dallas, and Dane.

To MICHELLE SAMS ALLEN ’04 and David Allen, a daughter, Megan Elizabeth, born December 17, 2008. She joins brothers Daniel and Jonathan.

To ANNIE PUGERUDE HERRICK ’02 and Dominic Herrick, a son, Dominic Robert, born December 17, 2008.

To JENNY HAMMEL GETTELMAN ’96 and Trevor Gettleman, a daughter, Sophia Kate, born January 7, 2009.

To KARI STIRMAN WARREN ’05 and Will Warren, a daughter, Chloe Adelaide, born April 7, 2009.

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