Students Organize All-Campus Sabbath Retreat

An all-campus Sabbath retreat opened the new year for Seattle Pacific University at Cedar Springs Camp in Lake Stevens, Washington. Organized by senior Aaron Panfilio, ASSP vice president for campus ministries, the retreat specifically focused on the day of rest instituted by God.

Gathering from January 5-7, more than 150 students, professors and staff members discussed how -- and why -- the Sabbath should fit into today's hectic world. Five faculty members led discussions on topics such as "Sabbath Wisdom From John Paul II," "Are Americans Too Busy for the Sabbath?" and "Psychological Implications of the Sabbath." A staff member presented a series of sessions based on the book Keeping the Sabbath Wholly, and four students shared how keeping the Sabbath has affected their lives. Special guest speaker Rabbi Daniel Lapin addressed the meaning and purpose of the Sabbath from the Jewish perspective.

"A lot of people had been talking about the need for rest, but there was little education available to learn about the Sabbath and its purpose as a part of a lifestyle," says Panfilio. "I wanted us to know what the Sabbath really means and to integrate it into everyday life and practice."

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