I just finished reading the Autumn [2001] Response and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the care with which it was put together. It was great to read about alumni and students all over the world, and how they are dealing with the events of this fall. Sam and I have been literally all over the place, and feel like we've spent more time in the air than on land for the last six months. …We learned so much through all our traveling and working with different people, but we also appreciate home so much more every time we work elsewhere. And being overseas at this time in history feels very different than any other time we've been away. Maybe that's why reading the Response was so meaningful to me - it's good to sense the brotherhood/sisterhood of saints at this time.
Candace Vance '95 • Seattle, Washington

I want to commend the staff of the Response for a moving and inspiring Winter 2002 issue. As we all grapple with the events of September 11 and following, it meant a lot to me to know SPU was handling the situation with depth and perspective, allowing different opinions while offering support and prayer for the victims and families, the military, our President and our country. Thank you for an issue I could share with my children and feel proud to be part of the SPU family.
Kelly O'Shea Sieg '83 • Hartline, Washington

I would like to join in the discussion of The Chosen, which I read about in my last Response. …I'm very impressed that SPU is choosing such reading material for its freshmen; in fact, with each new Response I receive I grow even more impressed with the University's approach to Christian education. Thanks for including alums in this latest discussion!
Marcy DeMarco Davis '91 • Keizer, Oregon

The Common Curriculum sounds like an excellent program. I would like to have a copy of The Chosen by Chaim Potok to read and study myself. With all of the changes since September 11, I think that this is a timely study that will benefit everyone. I am anxious to study this important topic with my college student daughter. Thank you for making this available to the SPU community.
Barbara Gahringer '99 • Sedro Woolley, Washington

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