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Winter 2003 | Volume 26, Number 1 | Faculty
Now Complete, New Interpreter’s Bible Includes Wall’s Commentary on Acts

100 biblical scholars, including Rob Wall, professor of the Christian scriptures at Seattle Pacific University, has helped wrap up a 12-year publishing project: The New Interpreter’s Bible. Appearing as part of just-released Volume 10 are Wall’s commentary on the Book of Acts, as well as his introductory article, “The Epistolary Literature of the New Testament.” With this last link, the collection of commentaries now spans all the books of the Bible and the Apocrypha.

The New Interpreter’s Bible is probably not best thought of as a study Bible,” says Harriett Olson, executive with the United Methodist Publishing House, which helped publish the series with Abingdon Press. Olson prefers to call it “a whole shelf of the best scholarly resources we could gather about the biblical text,” combined with discussions on how to apply the text in today’s world.

Unlike most commentaries, the series bears witness to the link between biblical study and preaching, says Richard Lischer, a professor of preaching at Duke Divinity School. “The New Testament was the church’s first sustained sermon,” he says, “and it was meant to be preached in succeeding generations. That is what makes it the lively word. The most searching biblical scholarship can be d one with r ev erence. Such scholarship does not inhibit proclamation but energizes it.”

Wall spent much of the 2000–01 academic year at Cambridge University completing the commentary on Acts. His earlier commentaries include volumes on Colossians/Philemon, James, Revelation and Romans. “I consider it a high privilege to put work into a project that will have a real impact on the church,” he says. Already one of the most widely used Bible commentaries in the world, The New Interpreter’s Bible is referred to by pastors and laypeople, scholars and students.

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