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Winter 2003 | Volume 26, Number 1 | Footnotes


To CAROLINE HECK MANDICH ’93 and Marc Mandich, a daughter, Mia Caroline, born February 9, 2001.

To KRISTEN KONSMO MACPHERSON ’95 and MATTHEW MACPHERSON ’93, a daughter, Carly Rose, born April 4, 2001.

To HEIDI HANSEN MILLER ’98 and Justin Miller, a son, Caleb Bryce, born January 30, 2002. He joins brother Josiah.

To BRONWEN O’NEILL ’98 and Craig O’Neill, a daughter, Kiara Paisley, born February 2, 2002. She joins brother Kirk and sister Debb.

To CINDY MOORE KNIGHT ’96 and K.C. KNIGHT ’96, a son, Christopher John, born February 25, 2002.

To Sarah Ertsgaard and JOEL ERTSGAARD, M.B.A. ’02, a son, Erik William, born May 28, 2002.

To JANELL TOPPEN ’97 and Michael Ryan, a son, Harrison Michael, born June 19, 2002.

To Lisa Mullen and ANDREW MULLEN ’97, a daughter, Abbey Jane, born August 9, 2002.

To JULIE CHINNOCK PARKER ’00 and Joe Parker, a son, Taylor Jacob, born August 20, 2001.

To SHANNON SCHMOLLINGERJENSEN ’94 and DARIN JENSEN ’93, a daughter, Madeline Victoria, born September 24, 2002.

To Jenny Slabaugh and TODD SLABAUGH ’95, a son, Aaron Grant, born September 30, 2002. He joins brother Nathaniel.

To NICOLE KELLER LEEWARNER ’00 and JOSHUA LEEWARNER ’98, a daughter, Annika Rainey, born October 1, 2002.

To ENID DAHLSTROM MASON 95 and SHANE MASON ’96, a daughter, Ellery Dalton, born October 5, 2002.

To CARMEN WALL SCHABEL ’94 and Tim Schabel, a daughter, Audrey Kate, born October 9, 2002.

To LISA MOORE CHILES ’93and MATTHEW CHILES ’93, a daughter, Charity Marianne Moore, born October 16, 2002.

To JULIE DEFINA HART ’92and KEN HART ’93, a daughter, Ella Mira, born October 18, 2002. She joins sister Taylor.

To ADRIENNE BELL SAILHAMER ’00 and JAMES SAILHAMER ’00, a daughter, Abigail Grace, born October 18, 2002.

To SUSAN SCHLEMEIER RIETVELD ’88 and Timothy Rietveld, a daughter, Laura Anne, born November 1, 2002. She joins brother Matthew and sister Kristin.


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