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Winter 2004 | Volume 26, Number 5 | Footnotes


To JENNIFER EDGBERT READ 93 and Jonathan Read, a daughter, Emily Kathryn, born March 21, 2003. She joins sister Abigail and brother Timothy.

To JAYNA BURKE HARRIS 02 and Todd Harris, a son, Michael Aidan, born April 14, 2003. He joins brother Drew.

To JENNIFER JOHNSON WILLSON 00 and RYAN WILLSON 01, a son, Curtis Wheeler, born April 16, 2003.

To SARAH GROW SCHMAHL 92 and Jim Schmahl, a daughter, Jakilyn Catherine, born April 21, 2003. She joins sisters Emma and Anna.

To KIM DALRYMPLE FORCIER 92 and CHAD FORCIER 95, a daughter, Ellie Raye, born April 29, 2003.

To HEATHER HANSON MOUW 96 and Jason Mouw, a son, Jacob William Henry, born July 4, 2003.

To AMY KELLY HARRIS 96 and JON HARRIS 94, a daughter, Clara Lin, born July 14, 2003.

To Gail Wall and JEFF WALL 88, a daughter, Rachel Leann, born August 21, 2003.

To LINDIE KIGHT FREED 95 and JOSHUA FREED 95, a daughter, Janie Diane, born September 5, 2003. She joins brother Caleb and sister Emilie.

To NANCY SLOAN LESUEUR 95 and Larry LeSueur, a daughter, Emma Jo, born September 5, 2003. She joins sister Grace.

To RUTH NORRIS HALLER 88 and John Haller, a daughter, Anna Maxine, born September 23, 2003.

To SARAH BOYLE WEBBER 97 and R. MARSHALL WEBBER 94, a son, Alexander Matthew, born October 4, 2003.

To Nina Hansen and BRECK HANSEN 95, a son, Merrick Jay, born October 10, 2003. He joins brother Breck Jr.

To AMY WISTHOFF-MARTIN 97 and Dan Martin, a daughter, Grace Kathleen, born October 16, 2003.

To DEBBIE OLSHEFSKY GOERING 92 and KURT GOERING 91, a daughter, Lillian Hope, born October 27, 2003. She joins brother Gannon and sister Kellan Joy.

To Ketia Wick and RANDO WICK 87, a daughter, Mekana Berry, born November 4, 2003. She joins brothers Dustin and Noah, and sister Monique.

To ROBIN VLACHOS CHRISTIANSEN 96 and Joel Christiansen, a daughter, Alaina Catherine, born November 5, 2003.

To KARISSA SULLIVAN KUNS 99 and BRIAN KUNS 99, a daughter, Rhiannon Esther, born November 7, 2003.

To Kasey Johnson and MATTHEW JOHNSON 91, a son, Bo James, born November 11, 2003. He joins sister Lucy.

To APRIL RAINEY HEDMAN 99 and NATHAN HEDMAN 95, a daughter, Ella Jane, born December 4, 2003.

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