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Winter 2006 | Volume 29, Number 1 | Footnotes


To JAYME NIMICK COFFEY ’96 and Jeff Coffey, a daughter, Jayden Christine, born October 5, 2004.

To SARAH GROW SCHMAHL ’92 and James Schmahl, a son, Ryan James, born October 11, 2004. He joins sisters Emma, Anna, and Jaki.

To YVONNE LASSEGUES BLUMEN- THAL ’85 and JAMES BLUMENTHAL ’85, a son, Reece Bennett, born October 29, 2004.

To SUSAN TAYLOR YOUNG ’01 and Shane Young, a son, David Earl, born January 16, 2005.

To JACQUELINE SMITH MCCLOUD ’89 and BLAIR MCCLOUD ’91, a son, Bowen Peter, born December 17, 2004. He joins sister Sadie and brothers Elias and Jed.

To AMY DENNIS MACKIE ’95 and Brent Mackie, a son, Nathan Irvin, born January 21, 2005. He joins brothers David and Josiah.

To MELANIE PRESTON FAULK ’97 and ANTON FAULK ’94, a daughter, Lucy Anne, born February 3, 2005. She joins sister Hannah.

To LAURA NIELSEN MORRISSEY ’01 and MAYSON MORRISSEY ’99, a daughter, Rebecca Renee, born February 13, 2005.

To ANDREA RAWLINS BUTLER ’01 and WILLIAM BUTLER ’01, a son, Ryan Michael, born February 25, 2005.

To SARA ROBERTS WETZEL ’99 and NATHANIEL WETZEL ’98, a son, Eli James, born February 25, 2005.

To KRISTA MCDONALD VANHELDEN ’01 and Ben VanHelden, a son, Carter Benson, born February 27, 2005.

To SHANNON FLETCHER CAMPBELL ’00 and Andrew Campbell, twin daughters, Katherine Lucia and Claire Elise, born March 4, 2005. They join brother Jackson.

To ANGELA KALNIN-TIMMERMAN ’94 and John Timmerman, a son, Samuel Jacob, born March 4, 2005.

To KARA SHAFFER LUDLOW ’01 and Clint Ludlow, a son, Matthew Noah, born March 13, 2005.

To LIESL GOERING YOUNG ’93 and Dan Young, a son, Colin Daniel, born April 18, 2005. He joins sister Grace.

To JENNI EDGBERT READ ’93 and Jon Read, a son, William Jeffrey, born May 4, 2005. He joins sisters Abigail and Emily, and brother Timothy.

To LISA BARBER CAVEN ’94 and Michael Caven, a daughter, Caroline Mikel, born May 8, 2005. She joins sisters Lauren and Julee.

To SHELLY LITTLE HOLT ’96 and MICHAEL HOLT ’96, a daughter, Madison Taylor, born May 16, 2005.

To TAMMY BOUMA DYKSTRA ’97 and BEN DYKSTRA ’96, a son, Samuel Drew, born May 24, 2005.

To STACY PETERSON SPINK ’96 and Jeffrey Spink, a son, Jonathan Michael, born May 25, 2005.

To LISA MOORE CHILES ’93 and MATTHEW CHILES ’93, a son, Nathaniel Jeremiah, born June 1, 2005. He joins sisters Katherine, Kristine, and Charity.

To MELISSA CROSS FRIEDRICH ’01 and DAVID FRIEDRICH ’01, a son, Noah David, born June 5, 2005.

To JANELLE DUBRAVETZ DAVIS ’96 and Jason Davis, a daughter, Maleah Grace, born June 9, 2005. She joins sister Emma.

To Danielle Rood and LARS ROOD ’94, a daughter, Anneliese Katherine, born June 10, 2005. She joins brothers Soren and Kaije.

To Sarah Stillion and MARTIN STILLION ’92, a son, Sebastian Horatio, born June 19, 2005.

To CHRISTINE SALMON SHARPE ’95 and Scott Sharpe, twin sons, Kyle Wilfred and Andrew David, born July 13, 2005.

To CHRISTY HOUSER HANSON ’93 and LARRY HANSON ’91, a daughter, Danica Catherine, born August 26, 2005. She joins sister Elaina and brother Luke.

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