JON BANKE and his wife, Christine, began their first term as missionaries with SIM (Society for International Ministries) this fall. They are working in Benin, West Africa, serving as church planters among the Fulani, a nomadic and Muslim people group. The Bankes have two children: Collin and Mariah.


KRISTA LYNN BURRIS lives in San Diego, California, where she is doing her residency in pediatrics and internal medicine.


LAURIE GRECO, who earned her teacher certification and MA in teaching at SPU in 1994, was recognized by The Seattle Times as one of the "Top Teachers of 1998." She teaches biology at Eastside Catholic High School in Bellevue, Washington. Of special note is Laurie's involvement in the High School Human Genome Project in cooperation with the University of Washington.


CYNTHIA BURRIS is completing a master's degree in divinity at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

BRAD PROFFITT was recognized by The Seattle Times as one of the "Top Teachers of 1998." He teaches science for first through third graders at Madrona School in Edmonds, Washington. Brad was particularly commended for his outstanding classroom projects in the fields of astronomy and paleontology.

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