Eleanor Close

Prof Quiz

Is it really fair that the professors usually get to ask all the questions? We say no. So every issue, we will give a professor a quiz of our own. It’s just our little attempt at a world of equity.

Eleanor Close

Official title?
Assistant Professor of Physics and Science Education

What is your favorite class to teach?
The intro sequence, because it’s really closely related to everyday life.

Some people think that physics is scary. What do you think is the scariest science?
Astrology. No, seriously - who says science is scary? Skydiving is scary. Science is fun!

Which takes more guts: Teaching or giving birth to twins?
Teaching. Giving birth to twins was no problem! Teaching is a challenge every day. You have to try to understand what's going on in your 20-30 students' minds - find out what they think, and figure out what kind of learning experience they need. That's why it takes guts, and also why it's so much fun.

What is your secret talent?
I play a mean man-on-man defense on the soccer field.

Are there any cultural myths about physics that you would like to obliterate?
Yes! Some people believe that physics is all abstract number-crunching and only for super-smart or super-nerdy people. Not true! Physics is about questions that most kids ask, such as, `What is time?’ Everyone can learn physics just like everyone can learn to sing. And just like singing hymns can bring you closer to God (even if you don't sing on key), exploring questions about creation can bring you closer to God (even if you're not a “science person.")

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