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Meet SPU Expert: Christian Bravo
Hometown: Kent, Washington
Year: Junior
Major: Intended communication and political science double major
Hobbies: Making music and spending time with friends
Campus Involvement: Worship Arts Ensemble, peer advisor in Emerson Residence Hall
Travel: I lived in Mexico and California prior to living in Washington, but now in college, I haven't had the opportunity to travel but plan to join a study abroad program to Spain.

Since SPU is a Christian university, do you feel pressure to be religious? Charles Mesimore, Chicago, IL

No, rather SPU has helped me explore my beliefs and, by that, helped developed my relationship with God.

How would you say that college-level classes are more challenging than high school classes? Jessica Rookhuyzen, Lompoc, CA

I definitely have to put in a lot more study time than I was used to in high school. Professors teach about the material in class, but essentially it is up to the students to grasp the concepts through study outside of class. There's a lot more material to cover, and while professors are there to help you, you have to read the material to ask the questions.

What's Welcome Week at SPU like? Meranda Clausen, Hillsboro, OR

It's fun, loud, and energetic! They have tons of events and activities to help you meet other new freshmen. You also get a feel of what the campus is like before starting classes. One of my favorite memories from Welcome Week was at an event called, New Student Convocation. All of the professors wore their full regalia, and it was a ceremony to welcome new students and their parents into the SPU family. I looked around and was surprised at how many new freshmen there were, and felt so excited to be a part of the incoming class at SPU.

What's your favorite part of living in Seattle? Jordan Conner, Philomath, OR

You never really run out of things to do. You can catch a bus from Queen Anne (the neighborhood that SPU's in) and head downtown. Once there, you can walk to tons of stores, restaurants, and even Pike Place Market and the Seattle Waterfront.

What are the essential little items or things that make college life easier? Ben Pierson, Brier, WA

Ramen! Along with quarters! They come in handy all the time, as well as having someone who can spare either one.

Were you or your parents more afraid about the cost of SPU? How did you deal with that issue? Marcella Weber, Everett, WA

That was a big issue for me and my parents. But, by filling out the FAFSA, applying for scholarships, and receiving financial aid from the school, I can say that I am blessed to only pay for personal expenses.

What opportunities are there on campus to get involved with a small group or attend a weeknight worship service? Kayla Marie Sparks, Cave Creek, AZ

I know that peer advisors in dorms and apartments try their best to get small groups together. This usually happens about three weeks into the quarter. SPU provides opportunities during the week, such as chapel service on Tuesday mornings, a worship night on Wednesdays, and an early morning communion service on Fridays. I enjoy going to "group," which is a weekly Wednesday worship night. It's a place where you can just leave schoolwork behind for an hour or so and praise God. It's so refreshing to worship with other SPU students.

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