How Real Students Pay for College:
Vy-Hoa Le

A name and a face to go with the numbers

Vy-Hoa Ler

Recipient: Junior Vy-Hoa Le, electrical engineering major

Scholarships: ECASE (Engaging the Community to Achieve Success in Engineering)

The finances: I get $10,000 per year for up to three years.

Who qualifies: Transfer students with financial need who will major in electrical engineering

Requirements for keeping the scholarship: Maintain good grades and financial need

Additional funding: I also receive financial aid, a junior engineering scholarship for $5,000, and I work on campus with Computer Information Systems.

Why electrical engineering: In 2006, my mom got into a car accident and lost vision and focus in her left eye. Going along with her to the eye clinic for two years made me think about working in the medical field. However, I know that electrical engineers can go into a wide range of careers. I love to see multiple disciplines interacting and I want to morph engineering and vision therapy together. Working on devices similar to the artificial corneas designed by the UW Medicine Eye Institute would be exciting!

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