Queen Anne Hill

SPU's very own neighborhood

by Junior Josh Norquist | Photos by Luke Rutan
Queen Anne
View Queen Anne Gallery. Photos by Luke Rutan

The average student can walk there in about eight minutes. It takes the average jogger five. And if you obey traffic laws, you can drive there in just over a minute. But regardless of how people are getting around these days, one thing is certain: Everyone is going to the top of Queen Anne Hill.

SPU rests on the north slope of Queen Anne Hill, one of the major neighborhoods in Seattle. Named after the popular architectural style of the 1800s, barely any two houses are alike in this bustling neighborhood — and it’s the same way with the shops and restaurants. “Queen Anne is really the place to be,” says junior Katie Krumm. “There are so many great spots to go get stuff done, eat great food, or just hang out.” From coffee houses, to fast food joints to sit-down restaurants, no lunchtime hankering or midnight craving goes unanswered. But that’s just one part of this neighborhood’s appeal. Perhaps the most iconic image of downtown Seattle — used in the logo for Fraser as well as seeing continuous face time on Grey’s Anatomy — was snapped from Kerry Park, which is also on top of Queen Anne. “Kerry Park is a really popular place to go,” sophomore Christina Schulte says. “My floor walked up there last year to spend time getting to know each other, and it was awesome.”

Senior Josh Phillips used to work in the Starbucks at the top of the hill. Every day, he saw the same people walk in, grab their drink, and chat with the other regulars. But his favorite thing was seeing new people come in and also get invited into those communities. “Sometimes I’ll go up there just to hang out with my former coworkers, and I always meet someone new,” Phillips says. “That’s the sort of atmosphere that’s up there. Plus, it’s totally available to students.”

So whether you enjoy drinking coffee, exploring new places, meeting new people or just finding a place to relax, there’s one thing you need be sure to do when you visit Seattle. Make sure you get to Queen Anne.

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