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DeHeavalyn Pullium

My 2 Cents' Worth

Jason ChiversWhen’s the best time to visit campus?

Come during the academic year! That’s when you can interact with current students and faculty.

How do you figure out who will stay with whom on a visit?

We have a stellar housing intern who finds students who are excited to host and make you feel welcome.

How diverse is SPU, and what was it like for you as a student of color?

In 2007, 20 percent of my freshman class included students of color. This year it is 34 percent! SPU is intentional about moving our campus toward reflecting the diversity present in the Kingdom of God. And SPU makes sure that all students feel supported when they get here. As a student of color, I experienced culture shock at first. But after a while, I felt empowered by what I could bring to campus from my culture, and encouraged by what I could take away from the experience.

How did your faith change while you were at SPU?

Professors asked tough questions that often left me with more questions than answers. I was confronted with perspectives that were new and sometimes contrary to my own. My faith was strengthened as I learned to articulate my beliefs, and it grew as I stepped outside of my limited worldview and embraced new ways of looking at the gospel.

Why did you choose to continue to work at SPU after graduation?

I love this place! I love the community, the vision, everything. College is a huge decision, and being a part of that process with students is my little way of engaging the culture and changing the world.

DeHeavalyn Pullium
Admissions Counselor

My World

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