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Emily Kern

My 2 Cents' Worth: Prayerful Consideration

Emily Strickler What surprised you about the applications that you read for admission last year?

High school students are much more involved than they used to be. Seeing students that have five or six big afterschool commitments is becoming the norm. It’s clear that students who are applying to SPU are serious about being involved in their schools and their communities.

Any advice for students writing essays?

Don’t forget to edit, and please don’t upload a high school English paper. Citations are not necessary in our type of essays! Write about something that you care about. I love it when I can tell students are passionate and excited about their essay topic.

When interviewing students, what type of students stand out?

I’m impressed by the students who take charge and set up the appointments themselves, and come with a list of questions.

Best advice you ever received when applying for colleges?

Visit every school that you are seriously considering. Ask yourself, “Do I see myself here? Is this a good fit for me?” Then prayerfully consider your decision. Seeking out the Lord’s plan for my college experience was the best advice I got.

What’s the best thing about Seattle?

Everything. Seriously, I love Seattle. I was a transplant from Arizona when I was younger so I completely understand getting used to the rain. But when it’s sunny, and it does get sunny here, it’s unbeatable. We have amazing scenery, incredible food of any type and preference, and wonderfully friendly people. It’s one of the best cities in the world.

Emily Kern
Admissions Counselor

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