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Direct Transfer Agreement Checklist

The checklist for transfer students with an approved Washington, Oregon or California transferable associate degree.

Numbers in ( ) indicate how many credits are required to fulfill each requirement. For further explanation of each requirement and specific course offerings please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.

Common Curriculum

X  (5) University Seminar
X  (5) UCOR 1000 Arts and the Christian Community
X  (5) UCOR 2000 The West and the World
X  (5) UCOR 3000 Belief, Morality, and Modern Mind
X  (5) UFDN 1000 Christian Formation
 _______  (5) UFDN 3001 Christian Scriptures
 _______  (5) UFDN 3100 Christian Theology

Remaining courses needed: (5) UFDN 2000/3001 and (5) UFDN 3100

Exploratory Curriculum

Arts and Humanities (AH)

A, B & C: 15 credits required if pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree.
A & B: 10 credits required if pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree.
X  A. Choose from Art, Music, or Theater (minimum 3 credits)
X  B. Choose from Classics, Communication, English, European Studies, Philosophy (minimum 3 credits)
X  C. Choose one additional course in a different discipline from A or B (minimum 3 credits)

Remaining courses needed: none

Social Sciences (SS)

X  (5) A. Choose from Anthropology, Psychology, or Sociology
X  (5) B. Choose from Economics, Geography, History, or Political Science

Remaining courses needed: none

Natural Sciences (NS)

A & B: 10 credits required if pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree.
A, B & C: 15 credits required if pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree.
X  (5) A. Biological Science
X  (5) B. Choose from Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, or Physics
X  (5) C. Choose one additional science course

Remaining courses needed: none

Mathematics (MA)

X  (5) Mathematics

Remaining courses needed: none

Math and Writing Competencies

X  Math Proficiency
X  Writing Placement

Foreign Language Competency

(Note: Though students with a completed direct transfer degree are exempt from this general education requirement Communication, English, Philosophy, and Physics majors must be proficient in a foreign language.)
X Foreign Language

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