Seattle Pacific University

Welcome to the next chapter.

As campus pastors, we've been preparing for your arrival on campus this fall with a lot of excitement. We know that this is a busy - sometimes even exhausting - period of life for all of us. But we also know that this year has the potential to be a season of new depth and growth for every member of this community.

Throughout the year you'll hear us talking about these three big ideas:

*  Learning our own stories

Becoming whole, healthy people includes taking our own life journeys seriously. We want to walk with you as you discover more about who you are, what has shaped you, and who you are becoming.

*  Opening ourselves to the stories of others

Growing spiritually involves learning how to know and accept other people - to embrace their life stories, even though we might be very different. This is how we live as the body of Christ in the world, unified even in our diversity.

*  Finding our place in God's story

Each one of us has been given the incredible invitation to live as a part of a story that is bigger than us. As Christians, we're learning how to engage our world with the heart of God, joining ourselves to God's own mission of blessing and healing all that is broken. This is why we're here.


Please join us in worship, Bible study, and community this week - we'd love to get to know you more as we set out on this year's adventure together!

-- University Ministries staff


Left to right: Deb Nondorf, Bo Lim, Bob Zurinsky, Lindy Pearson, Zawadi Morrow