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APPLICATION DEADLINES:  Students have one opportunity each quarter of any given academic year to apply to one of the majors.  After acceptance into the major it is traditionally a minimum of two full years to complete the sequence of courses.  Portfolios containing all of the materials listed above are due to the Art Department offices no later than 5:00pm on the following dates: 




All freshmen, sophomores or transfer students applying to the Illustration/New Pictures, Studio Arts, or Visual Communication major must complete two of the following courses from the Foundation sequences.

In order to get into these courses you must get permission prior to registration from Professor Feldman, Professor KolboProfessor Lasworth, Professor Gutowsky, or Dr Katie Kresser



APPLICATION CONTENTS:   At the completion of these courses, the student must submit the following in a portfolio.


1.  Required Artwork Samples  


2.  Suggested Artwork Samples:  In addition to the above requirements, it is suggested that students applying to the majors include a sketchbook and samples of recent personal work relating to the concentration of which you are applying (i.e. drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture, photography, video and/or design).


3.  Required Documents


4.  Submit all portfolios to the Art Department Administrative Office.  These works should be submitted in a portfolio case large enough to contain all the works with a label clearly marked on the face of the portfolio:

Major You Are Applying To
Current Year in School

Expected Graduation Date
Art Department, Seattle Pacific University



POST APPLICATION REVIEW PROCESS PROCEDURE:  Students will be notified by e-mail of the status and final decision of their application. Portfolios will be available for pick up at the administrative office. Please see current office hours. Criteria for acceptance will be based upon the following:


Quality of work


Success in Academic coursework.


*It is the goal of the Art Department to help each student discern the best major and career path possible. We strive to help students find a good fit for their skills, personal and professional goals. If students are not accepted into the major they had hoped for, faculty is available for counsel to advise alternative options and direction within the Art Department.