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ART2602 Western Tradition I: Ancient and Medieval Art (5) Survey course treating Western Art (and its major Eastern influences) from Ancient Egypt through the late Middle Ages. Offered alternate years.

ART2603 Western Tradition II: Art Since the Renaissance (5) Survey course treating Western art from the Renaissance until the middle twentieth century. Offered alternate years.

ART3605 Topics in Modern Art (5) Why does the art of the twentieth century look so strange? What were Mark Rothko and Pablo Picasso thinking? In this class we’ll explore the historical and philosophical issues leading toward the decline of realistic art in the ninteenth century, and the rise of abstract art forms in the twentieth.

ART3606 Cross-cultural Encounters (5) A critical examination of points of contact between the West and the “Other.” We’ll consider how colonial occupation, global economic expansion and technological advancement (particularly as pertaining to mass reproduction) have transformed Western visual culture. In the process we’ll consider phenomena like japonisme and “primitivism,” the ethics of museum display, and the politics of representation. Offered alternate years.

ART3608 Issues in Contemporary Art (5) To undertand cultural trends, its essential to know how they began. What are the major trends in the art world today? When did they originate, and why? How are they related to things like politics, philosophy, technology, fashion, religion and entertainment? Is there any way to grasp the “big picture” of the contemporary art world? In this class, we’ll combine gallery visits with lively class discussion in our effort to understand the landscape of art today.

ART3611 Looking at Art: Studies in Theory and Historiography (3) Prerequisite: One Art History course or permission of the instructor. “Looking at Art” is designed to acquaint students with the major historical and critical methods used for interpreting and explaining artistic expression. The course will place a strong emphasis on understanding and critiquing a range of postmodern theories. Offered alternate years.

Alternative Art History Courses
The Art History program at SPU has a Modern/Contemporary focus, with an emphasis on critical theory. However, students may pursue a Classical, Renaissance or Baroque concentration through participation in our biennial Rome Study Abroad Experience, Art and Incarnation. Students traveling to Rome may complete the 10-credit Western Tradition sequence, or they may take the following two courses:

ART4900 Independent Study in Art History (5) For advanced students of Art History. This course will consist of self-directed research in a pertinent area of the student’s choosing.

ART4950 Classical Paradigms from Augustus to Mussolini (5) This course will focus on revivals of the “classical ideal” from the dawn of the Roman Empire until the decline of Italian Fascism in the mid-twentieth-century. Topics under consideration will include: the plausibility of “ideal beauty,” the political uses of aesthetic “ideals;” historical theories of the “ideal;” and the visual vocabulary of classicism.

Other Required Art Courses

A minimum of two courses from among the following:

ART 1102 Drawing Studio: Line (5); ART 1103 Drawing Studio: Value (5); ART 1104 Drawing Studio: Composition (5); ART1202: Design Studio (5); ART1205: Color Theory (5); ART 2302 Painting Studio-Oil (5)

External Requirements