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Yearbook, Cascade

  • Phone: 206-281-2105

Writing Program

Writing, Creative (MFA)

Worship, Center for

Women's Track & Field

Women's Soccer

Women's Rowing

Women's Cross Country

Women's Basketball


Vice President for University Advancement

Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Urban Involvement

University Services

University Recruitment and Admissions

University Ministries

University Communications

University Advancement, Vice President for

University Advancement

Undergraduate Psychology

Undergraduate Admissions

Track & Field, Women's

Track & Field, Men's

Theology, School of

Theology (Seattle Pacific Seminary)


Teacher Leadership, Master of Arts in (MEd)

Study Abroad

Student Life

Student Financial Services

Student Employment, Office of

Student Counseling Center

Student Academic Services

SPRINT (Short-Term Missions)

Spanish Studies


Social and Sustainable Management (MA)

Soccer, Women's

Soccer, Men's

Seattle Pacific Seminary

Seattle Pacific Foundation

  • Location: 4 W. Nickerson Street
  • Mail Ste: 305
  • Phone: 206-281-2810
    (toll free) 888-591-9778

School of Theology

School of Psychology, Family, & Community

School of Health Sciences

School of Education

School of Business, Government, & Economics

School Counseling Certification

School Counseling (MEd)

Safety and Security

Russian Studies

Rowing, Women's

Rowing, Men's

RN to BSN Program

Risk Management

Residence Life

Recycling Program

Psychology, Undergraduate

Psychology, Family and Community, School of

Provost, Office of

Program Administrator Certification

Professional Studies Program

Professional Education (business)

Principal Certification

President, Office of

Political Science & Geography



The Perkins Center


Nursing (Undergraduate)

Nursing (Graduate)

Music Therapy


Multi-Ethnic Programs

Mentor Program

Men's Track & Field

Men's Soccer

Men's Rowing

Men's Cross Country

Men's Basketball

Medical Family Therapy Certificate

Meal Plan Services


Master of Nursing Pathways

Master of Education in Teacher Leadership (MEd)

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Master of Arts in Management (MAM)

Marriage and Family Therapy (MS)

Mailing Services

Literacy (MEd) With K-12 Certification

Literacy (MEd)

Library (Ames Library)

  • Location: Library
  • Mail Ste: 314 (acquisitions); 315 (inter-library loans)
  • Phone: 206-281-2228 (main); 206-281-2419 (reference desk)

Lectio: Guided Bible Reading

  • Phone: 206-378-5415

Languages, Cultures, & Linguistics

KSPU College Radio

Journalism, Communication, & Film

John Perkins Center, The


International Student Services

INTERLINK Language Center

  • Location: 4 Nickerson Street, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98109
  • Phone: +1 (206) 378-5308

Institutional Research, Office of

Information Systems Management (MS-ISM)

Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MA and PhD)

Image Journal

Human Resources

Housing Services

Housekeeping & Grounds

Honors Program



Health Services

  • Location: Watson Hall
  • Mail Ste: 110
  • Phone: 206-281-2231

Health Sciences, School of

Health and Human Performance


Graduate Admissions

Global Engagement, Office of

Geography & Political Science

French & Francophone Studies

Foundation, Seattle Pacific

  • Location: 4 Nickerson Street,
    Suite 300
  • Mail Ste: 305
  • Phone: 206-281-2810
    (toll free) 888-591-9778

Foreign Languages (Languages, Cultures, & Linguistics)

Fine Arts, Division of

Financial Services, Student

Financial Affairs, Office of (formerly Finance, Office of)

  • Location: Weter Hall
  • Mail Ste: 112
  • Phone: 206-281-2066

Family & Consumer Sciences

Facility & Project Management

Enrollment Management and Marketing, Office of


Engineering and Computer Science

Educational Technology and Media

Educational Leadership (MEd)

Education, School of

Education, Doctorate (PhD)

Education, Doctorate (EdD)

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Division of Fine Arts

Divinity (MA)

Disability Support Services

Dining Services

  • Phone: 206-281-2226

Development, Office of

Cross Country, Women's

Cross Country, Men's

Creative Writing (MFA)

Counselor Education (PhD)

Copying (Full Service)

Computer Science

Computer & Information Systems

Commuter Info: Students

Community Life

Communications, University

College of Arts & Sciences

Clinical Psychology (PhD)

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Center for Worship

Center for Scholarship & Faculty Development

Center for Professional Education (education)

Center for Learning

Center for Integrity in Business

Center for Career and Calling

Center for Biblical and Theological Education

Center for Applied Learning

Cascade Yearbook

Campus Ministries

Campus Master Planning

  • Location: 2 W Dravus St.
  • Mail Ste: 311
  • Phone: 206-281-2597

Campus Dining Services

Camp Casey Conference Center

Business, Government, & Economics, School of

Business Administration (MBA)

Building Maintenance


Blakely Island Campus, Lab

  • Phone: 360-375-6001

Blakely Island Campus, Director

  • Phone: 206-281-3640

Blakely Island Campus

  • Phone: 360-375-6721


Biochemistry & Chemistry

Basketball, Women's

Basketball, Men's

Athletics, Intramurals & Club Sports


Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP)

Asian American Ministry Program

Arts and Sciences, College of

Art Department

ARNP Certification (Post-Master's)

Ames Library

  • Location: Library
  • Mail Ste: 314 (acquisitions); 315 (inter-library loans)
  • Phone: 206-281-2228 (main); 206-281-2419 (reference desk)

Alumni Center

Alumni, Parent, and Family Relations, Office of

Alternative Routes to Certification (ARC/MAT)

Advancement Services

Admissions, Undergraduate, Visits & Events

Admissions, Undergraduate

Admissions, Graduate

Accounting/Accounts Payable

Academic Affairs


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