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Tent City 3

Tent City 3


A series of community education forums will be scheduled in Fall, 2014 and Winter, 2015. More info to be announced soon.

October 9: A theological perspective on homelessness. 11:10-12:30pm, DH 150

October 22: Film Screening: Invisible Young. 7:00 pm: First Free Methodist Church

November 13: Homeless Heroes: Veterans and Homelessness.: 11:10-12:30pm: DH 150

November 20: Affordable Housing. 11:10-12:30pm, DH 150

December 2: Film Screening.  Without a Home. 7:00pm, Emerson Hall

January 8: How to talk to people experiencing homelessness.  7:00 PM, Weter Lounge

January 22: Public Policy and Homelessness. 11:10-12:30pm: DH 150

January 27: Film Screening.  7pm, Emerson Hall

February 4: "Beyond the One Night Count" advocacy training.  7:00-8:30 pm: SUB Collegium

February 12: Youth and Homelessness.  11:10-12:30pm: DH 150

February 17: Film Screening.  7pm, Emerson Hall

March 5: "What we learned" Debriefing and next steps. 7:00 PM, SUB Gazebo Room




Quick Facts

  • Security is 24/7 at TC3
  • Quiet hours: 9 p.m.–8 a.m.
  • Self-managed community

    Strict rules — sobriety, no violence, no drugs
  • Eligibility is based on government-issued photo ID
  • 100 residents maximum
  • Single men and women; couples