Printable Directory

Office/Department and Employee Sections

2017-18 Office Directory (Department Phone Numbers, Office FAX Machines, Contract Service Providers & Mailing Suite Numbers). One PDF file of all sections (12 pages). Published on 9/25/2017.
This information is maintained by Computer & Information Systems (contact for updates).


**Employee specific data (alphabetical by name, grouped by department) is now in a separate file (see below).**

Faculty/Staff Employee Directory (Word format, 41 pages). Document is updated every day.

This directory contains full-time, permanent employees. Section 1 is alphabetical by Last Name, Section 2 is grouped by Department. The data in this directory is updated from Banner on a daily basis. Adjunct, temp-staff, and part-time employees are not listed in this version, but are available in the SPU White Pages. Updates to employee information should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.