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SPU Campus Map


Locations (alphabetically)


Residence Halls & Apartments

Parking Lots

  • Arnett Underground Lot (81) A3
  • Ashton Lot (42) A5
  • Crawford Lot (43) D4
  • Davis Lot (44) D6
  • Dravus (tiered) Lot (45) C4
  • Emerson Underground Lot (57) B2
  • Falcon Apartments Lot (46) B2
  • Hill Lot (47) A3
  • McKenna Lot (48) C2
  • Otto Miller Hall Lot (49) D1
  • Otto Miller Hall South (41) D2
  • Otto Miller Hall West (87) D1
  • Ross Lot (51) E3
  • Sixth Avenue West Lot (52) B2
  • Visitor Lot (53, 45) C2, C4

Offices & Services

SPU Crew Dravus Parking Lot Martin Square Falcon Newspaper SBE Center House 608 W. Emerson Apts Bertona Classrooms Falcon Fourplex Falcon Duplex 605 W. Emerson Apts Safety and Security 650 W. Bertona Apts 37 W. Dravus Apts 35 W. Cremona Apts Emerson Hall Theology Graduate House Bailey Apts Mailing and Copy Services Watson Hall Moyer Hall Marston Hall Hill Hall Falcon Apts Davis Apts Cremona Classroom Building 34 W. Cremona Apts Ashton Hall 528 W. Dravus Apts University Services Weter Memorial Hall The Wesley at Dravus Facility Operations Center Eaton Hall Student Union Building Walls Advancement Center Royal Brougham Pavilion Peterson Hall Human Resources Nickerson Studios Image Journal Otto Miller Hall McKinley Hall McKenna Hall Ames Library Hillford House Tiffany Loop Gwinn Commons First Free Methodist Church Demaray Hall Crawford Music Building Bookstore Beegle Hall US Bank The Wesley at Cremona Art Center Alexander Hall Emerson Triplex Arnett Hall