Safety and security

Emergency? Call: 206-281-2911

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Office of Safety and Security Office

Safety and Security

The Office of Safety and Security is a private security organization which patrols campus buildings and grounds by foot and in cars 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Officers do not have deputized or state-commissioned police authority and carry no firearms, but they do make citizen's arrests when appropriate. In addition, they work closely with the Seattle Police Department in the investigation of all crimes reported on campus.

Emergency and Crisis Management Plan

Campus Emergency Plan

Seattle Pacific University is concerned with the welfare of faculty, staff and students at all times. Since emergency situations are a potential threat to the safety of those at the University, it is essential that a thorough Emergency and Crisis Management Plan be developed and implemented.

Campus Security Report

There are two components to the Campus Security Report--Crime Statistics and Health & Safety. You can read about each component through the links below.

Crime Statistics

In accordance with the Campus Security Act, Seattle Pacific provides crime statistics to prospective students, matriculated students and employees. Crime statistics are available for on-campus crime only and are published on a regular basis in The Falcon, Seattle Pacific's student newspaper. Other sources for on-campus crime statistics include The Student Handbook and the Office of Safety and Security. For more information on crime statistics, please contact the Office of Safety and Security in 601 W Emerson, or you may call: (206) 281-2922 (off campus); extension 2922 (on campus).

Health & Safety

Seattle Pacific University seeks to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the campus community. However, because no security system can eliminate all risk, it is hoped that each member of the University community will contribute to campus safety. To assist in this, Seattle Pacific has established certain policies and procedures which are administered by the Office of Safety and Security (ext. 2922) and the Office of Student Life (ext. 2247).