Introduction to SPU iTunes U
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Seattle Pacific University is pleased to present iTunes U, a premier service for posting and playing audio and video over the Internet. T his free service allows anyone with a computer and a broadband Internet connection to browse, search, and download content from the Seattle Pacific campus. iTunes U also allows users to easily put content onto audio CDs or transfer it to a portable media player, such as the popular iPod.

Why use iTunes U?  

  • Miss a special speaker or presentation? Touched by a particular message? The wealth of speakers, chapels, and events on campus is now available at the click of a mouse. Our extensive digital library contains everything from academic lectures to Group and Chapel speakers, dating back to 1970.**
  • iTunes U is open-source education at its finest with faculty and scholarly lectures available to students and staff in audio and video formats. iTunes U also offers professors the ability to podcast their course content.
  • The vibrant community of Seattle Pacific now has two creative forums. With The Arts, you can experience the creative works of music, theatre, and visual arts students and faculty. The Community feature, on the other hand, is open for freelance independent from all students, faculty, and other community members. Share original music, distribute a podcast, or browse the current collection.

**Note: Content from SPU archives is in the process of being digitized and will be added as it becomes available.

Using iTunes U
Start here! Our Quick Start guide has all you need to start using iTunes U today. Whether you are an iTunes veteran or have never used iTunes before, you will want to check out this brief guide. To make life easier, we’ve even included video demonstrations.
>> Click here to view our Quick Startguide.

Need additional help? Have a question? View our comprehensive list of answers to frequently-asked questions (FAQ). Additional questions can be emailed to
>> Click here to view the FAQ page.

What’s on iTunes U?
Content on iTunes U falls into nine categories:

  • Campus Lectures & Forums: Public lectures and forums featuring speakers from the SPU community and special guests from around the world. Includes Marston, Palmer, Walls, and Weter Lectures, Day of Common Learning, workshops, special events, and more.
  • Chapel: Come explore our diverse digital library of Chapel speakers and services dating back to 1970. Current and historical tracks will be added as they become available.
  • Group: Guest and community speakers from SPU’s weekly, contemporary evening worship service. Topics are usually thematic by quarter.
  • Falcon Sports: Falcon athletics have a long history at SPU. Experience events featuring falcon athletes, and join us as we celebrate inductees in the Falcon Legends Hall of Fame.
  • Convocations: Convocations are special University gatherings. This diverse category includes special ceremonies, academic celebrations, and addresses, and is a rich record of SPU’s vision and history.
  • Alumni Events: Special Alumni functions, such as Alumni of the Year Homecoming Chapels, Alumni of the Year Ceremonies, and the President’s Luncheons.
  • Course Lectures: Class lectures and other instructional material from the acclaimed SPU faculty across the disciplines.
  • The Arts: Audio and video artistic productions from students and faculty in the fine and performing arts.
  • Community: A place for independent content from members of the Seattle Pacific Community. If you are affiliated with the University (Faculty/Staff, Student, Alumni, etc.), we encourage you to submit content.

Have Content?
We are now taking content for iTunes U. If you are a faculty member, we encourage you to submit course-related content, lectures, presentations, and more to Course Lectures. Students and faculty may also want to submit artistic content for posting in The Arts. Finally, any member of the Seattle Pacific University community can submit independent content to Community.

>> Click here to submit content to Course Lectures (Faculty)
>> Click here to submit content to The Arts (Students/Faculty)
>> Click here to submit content to Community (SPU Community Members)


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